Monday, April 23, 2018

5+5 = 7+3

Kita ikut cara kita

Kadang-kadang kita lupa,
Semua orang ada haluan,
Lain cara untuk bahagia,
Itu semua kerja tuhan

Tapi bila ada yang lepas tangan,
Tunggu rezeki jelma depan depan,
Itu dah bukan salah tuhan,
Kalau keringat sikit kau tak teran.

Aku mcam biasa, macam semua,
Hidup selagi ada masa,
Aku harap kau tak lupa,
Tak semua bahagia sama.

Ingat mama pesan,
Jangan kejar cara orang,
Bahagia kita tuhan dah rancang.

Sebab 5 + 5 = 7 + 3
Seribu satu cara,
Buat apa kau suka,
Kumpul ilmu,
Kumpul kawan,
Kumpul harta,
Buat apa utk asal tidur lena.

Asalkan ikut jalan tuhan.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Why are you so happy?

Im a happy person,
There's a child in me that never dies

Take a break.

I was actually doing my design presentation board,
but today is quite a special day for me,
so I thought, lets take a break.

You see, Im at my early twenties.
It is the age where my parents met each other,
Where I start getting wedding invitations from my friends.
It is the age where love life starts to bloom.

I cant help but notice,
people I thought would never date, do,
and people I thought would never change, did.

But hey, its not always a bad thing,
I acknowledge that love is a huge part of living,
And, when you thing you found a person that is truly yours,
Someone who is made for you,
You might want to hold on to them for good.

But, what if, one day, you realise you're wrong,
your person is not actually yours.
love becomes a burden

Cause, here i am, wondering,
How can the person that is a copy of me,
Suddenly become so different.
Some one who is literally so close,
Someone who i do everything together w,
Is actually a stranger

It scares me so much, because if this is the idea of love,
Two strangers acting like a team for the eye of world,
Then I will skip that part.

I dont want to be in love just because its the right thing to do,
because at the moment it feels so wrong.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Had a dream last night

I had this stupid dream night,
That everyone is happy for me,
Because I have found my happiness,
In them


I talked with a dear friend the other day.
She just got back from umrah,
And we had a long talk about her experiences there

Over there, 
Everybody is trying their best to do good deeds,
Their mind focuses on Him, and the afterlife.
Everything you see will only bring you closer to him.

And I randomly ask her,
"Among all the things Islam thought you,
Whats your favorite?"
"I like the part where, 
Islam promise that by giving some amount of your sustenance,
He will increase what is yours,
And I have only heard it from Islam, and its true"

I have heard a lot story, seen them, 
experience it myself,
It is so true.
By keeping the money only to yourselves,
The money will finish before you know it.
But if you help others with it,
The money will get back to you, 
When you really need it.

It really hit me that.
I rarely give my money away,
Always be scared that its not enough for me to spend,
But I know, I have more that I need,
Comparing to those that really need it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Strange Crowd

Everyone can tell,
That we started well,
Adoring one another,
Everyday was filled with laughter,

Then came a little twist,
Our stories hit the crisis,
Then we start seeing.
People started judging,
Friends started blaming,

Wherever our heads turns,
Whatever our ear listens,
People are trying to save themselves,
Putting the blame on people's shelves,

But if everyone is right,
How come we are drifting apart?
Why cant we end this fight?
Because its hatred we choose to ignite..

But I believe the truth is,
There is still love,
Look down beneath,
Why put ego so high above?

We are our crowd,
We are the people we will remember,
So be a story that makes us proud,
For this moment will last forever.


I forgot that I have a blog.
And I forgot that I have my reader, nadia.

Hence, the abandance.
Sorry Nadia.