Monday, December 29, 2008


Its 11.03 pm and tomorrow is the result,
hnstly, today i cant feel my legs, all i know my knees are shaking so badly that my sisters thought im dancing. haha,
buttterflies pun mcm dah beranak pinak dlm perit kecik aku ni.

Friday, December 26, 2008

My mother

Tadi belek belek gambar lama, then terjumpa ni. She was just 19!

Cantikkan? No wonder why im so beautiful. HAHA(!)_

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Twilight wave

After reading twilight, I've get some impact on myself liokes

1. I've started to hate-the innocent-biskutJacob.

2. The reason I think Edwad Cullen is hot -not robert pattinson mind you- is because he could think.

3. I went all the way to yahoo to know more abt vampires, and it is say that Malaysian vampires are pontianak. It broke my heart to know that i never will date a vampire bcs its a girl.

asal jasper nmpk buruk?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My type

There's many type of people in my life, and i starting to wonder what type am i? For all i know, im the type that have multi personalities in order. If i happen to wake up one morning and wanna be brutal, i'll be brutal. If i wanna be goody goody,loving, careless, emotional i'll be any of it. But it depends to who im with as well. So maybe Im the hypocrite or moody type. Im not feeling good abt that, so officially what type am i?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Its tueday

I wanna get back to school, i feel lifeless here.Ok, not school, just somewhere.I wanna feel like im somebody again.Not a boring, quartine and lifeless human.

Anywys, Im watching 90210, its so nice, I kinda like jessica stroup, she is so pretty. Though shes a drug addict. I like her hair.

Anywys, i would like to welcome Phillip Lee Hung Lam to my braces family, you're the ugliest so farr!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Racist Problem

Im may be to young to understand everything.
And i may be to young to talk abt this.
Im a Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan student,
I have plenty of 'not malay' friends,
but we are friend.
I shared tosai with esther,
yong tau fo with ivy.
It was fun,variety choice of people to be with.
Are we too young to be racist?
Nah, i dont think so.
We're just smart enough..


Saturday, December 20, 2008

hit the target

As happy as they are, we look certainly the same



Friday, December 19, 2008

Sid and Nancy

i was watching E! yesterday, oh did i mention it was gad damn 4 in the morning. haha, anywys, it was a show abt 'love gone wrong' or something like that. The couple up here reallly caught my attention not by their love gone wrong story but by the love they hadbetween them. It is so sweet. almost as good as Romeo and Juliet, Robbert and Bella. (haha, kena jgk ada twilight)

Well Sid was in a cool band that i dont what -my bad- and he was in love with Nancy at that time. During the band practise, Nancy will be there too but the other band members didnt like it cause whenever Nancy's around Sid attention will only be at her. They were the lovebirds, deeply in love. But they were also drug addict. Even their relationship is about drug, their love is clean and pure. Then Sid and his band has their world tour but Nancy left behind. Sid was suffering is their shows. They were obviously cant live a part. When he's back in town, Nancy was his world and he is hers. Until one night, Nancy died. She was murdered and Sid was the suspect since he'ss the only person with her that night. But Sid did not remember what happen, he was not in his right mind (high with drugs) and he claim he would never do that to her. Nancy died at the age of 20. 2 month after Nancy's death Sid commited suicide. But it failed. His mother took care of him and she says she cant stand looking at his son begging for drug so she give it to him herself. Buy the drugs for him. One morning when his mother wanted to give him tea, he was no longer there. Some say it was a suicide other says he was overdos. But everyone says he cant live without her anywys. Sid was 21 when he died.

free to flyy

Kepada yg tak tahu apa yg saya tgh ckp minta maaf//
Korg ni kira baca ending terus bfr baca beggining,
Tiada siaran ulangan,
Ini bukan bawang putih bawang merah.

i kindda have a feeling tht oscar are not the old oscar anymore,
the new oscor does not want me.
i realise tht i am now completely alone.
but of course i happy for him,
he has move on,
thnks heaven for that.
oh great now im the only one left behind.

anywys, i realise tht i really care abt him,
there is a feeling, heyy im not lying abt it, i never did,
but it is not strong enough.
but i have to say its the strongest one for me so far.

and im dare enough to say, i love you


Thursday, December 18, 2008

goodbye to goodbye

well 2008 is abt to die
i cant wait for 2009
i kindda like the numbers.

phillip lee

i was wondering around in internet,
than i came across my long lost blog,
and there is one that really tickles me again.
a post about phillip lee.

ok for those yg tak tahu,
phillip is the class assistant monitor and im the monitor.
mmg dlm byk byk org dialah yg paling best kacau.
haha. ok here's tht thing.

"as always i was nowhere to be seated just now at school,
seems like the whole class has turn to the whole school,
like everyone from every class was there,
ok ok, meleodramratic//
haha, fortunaly the was a empty chair beside phillip,
hyper as i am i became his new neighbour.
his bottle caught my attention,
it was unbelievably annyg with bukit bukit and othr stuff,
so i took the bottle and goncang goncang it.

phillip: a, dnt la weh

hnstly, sapa nk stop en dah dia ckp mcm tu. so i goncang harder with anny face.

phillip: ndr, why you like this? why are you so strange?
nadira: hahaha, thts cute right?
phillip: see, you're so strange la ndr.

its annyg tht he said a same thing twice, so i kinda cubit his tgn.

nadira: e, strange mcm mn?
phillip: like sddnly,come a disturb my bottle, mess with my hair, cubit cubit.
nadira: phillip, thts not strange, thts annoying. im the annoyer, dnt you knw?
phillip: yea, yr annoying.
nadira: yea, i knw and thts the cute part of me, right?hahahah
phillip: see sddnly perasan like syok sendiri like that.
nadira: ha'eleh you. ok aa next time if i want to sit here i'll ask first,*annyg voice* "phiilip, ada org kat sini ? can i sit here?" hahah
phillip: ndr, no mttr how good you are, you'll still be annoying.
nadira: fine, besok if i blh jadi so baik, and so called 'normal' you nk buat apa?
phillip: i'll buy you a ice-cream, but nk baskin robin punya la, drumstick je.
nadira: deal

we'll see what hppn (:"

haha i miss him la,
i mean i miss 'syok sendiri, disturb as-if-its-his-wife bottle, mess with his hair and cubit cubit' him.

see? i told you you're ugly. hahaha, you're the best, man!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

heaven sake

she put the gun in her mouth,
pull the trigger,
only then she realise,
shes actually alive.

hello, let me welcome myself ;)