Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Im proud of you guys

So we had the pelantikan pengawas 2009/2010 at perhimpunan.
At first, I have to say, I was like, Oh great! tada PJ.
But in the end of the perhimpunan, I went back to my class with a tears in my eyes (not literally).

Monaj is our new ketua pengawas.
Which I find it hard to beileve it cause I thought there is still time left for us to be young and wild,
but some of us are holding big responsibality already.
And we about to be in the senior year.
Wow, time runs so fast,

I'm so proud of him,
I dont really know who he is right now,
but to think of the boy that sat beside of me in standard 6,
who had cracks stupid jokes and loved to jump up and down,
once fart while teacher was teaching,
is already a ketua pengawas,
I'm happy and proud,
I think he's going to be a great leader.

Marzuki our previuos ketua pengawas,
gave a graet spontaneous speech.
He was a great leader as well,

Fatihin is the biro-majlis rasmi,
I'm proud of you too.

While azrie,
The one who I turned to when Im sad,
and I shouted at when Im happy,
is a penolong ketua pengawas.

Raveen, Izyan, Tanesh and Darren is going to have their last year as a perfect jugak.
It is like just yesterday I congrat you guys for being a pengawas.

Thank you for making me feels so old.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Once in a while

A friend once said,
mari lari-lari,
jerit-jerit terpekak,

Zaman kegemilangan cek dengan fatihin la ni. Masa raveen takut dengan cek dulu. La ni, kalau jumpa senyum pun tak. Orang nk jadi president.