Friday, October 30, 2009

How can I understand

Im sorry,
I really want you to feel better,
By me or anything else,
I want really want to help,
Tell me and I'll try,
because we're young,
you deserve this pain
all by yourself,

and that's what friends for right ?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mind trick

My mind is playing on me.
no, no, your going lose mind,
ok dah phyco
callo batte,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You know the feeling

Let me warn you, this thing I'm about to write, come from a 16 year old girl, who has amazing family and friends, pretty much in love, and having quite a stable life right now

So you might puke.
But I'm writing it anyway.

After living for 16 years,
I think I know a bit about life.
Not much, not even half, just a little bit.

In life, you'll suffer if you look at one thing and judge,
you have to look a the whole picture,
for you to know,
life is the best architect.

You might not get what you want,
You might lose what you hold on to,
But you can chose who you want to be,
Tomorrow or later,
you'll get something that are meant to be yours,
that no matter how your world turns,
They will be with you,
Because it is meant to be like that.

There are times when life gets too mean,
They make you lost yr happiness
but, happiness doesn't come at one form,
it is very subjective,
You can get it form a person,
from a pet,
or by doing activities.
Don't wait for it to come,
Make the it happen.

Then, you'll realize,
that it is okay to take the wrong turn,
to fall or to drown,
and the risk will be worth it,
in anyway.
Because in the end of the day,
you'll be a better person,
you'll learn to make bttr decision,
and you'll to appreciate more.
That's for the future,
which is more important than the past

If you could just let go,
Living would be easier,
Life will be the best thing

It will not be easy,
but it's not that hard

I don't know whats 'falling in love' is, but this is my deepest fall of all.


I love my family and friends. I wont trade it with anything else in this world, anything at all.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


How I wish Ayiesha is in this picture too

Sometimes, we are looking too hard at other people's mistakes
and we are blind to see ours.

That is my biggest mistake.
Im sorry.


It is so strong,
too strong,

but I dont want to lost control,
I dont want to hate you.

Its unbareable
the feeling so small,
but it influences my brain
a lot.

I dont want to be like you,
I dont want to get angry easily,
I want to have some patient.

but this is a lot,
for a long time.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

So we learn

We've learn in mathematics, Science, Physic and Chemistry,
positive attracts negative,
north pole attracts south pole,
That's why we have anode and cathode,
Magnetic field,
Complicated calculation,

And I believe,
thats why we have Friendship

So people don't change yourself too much like your friend,
It does'nt work that way

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Engineering drawing

wednesday, 30 september 2009

I was chosen to join a seminar lukisan kejuruteraan in SMK Teknik KL,
I was quite excited jgk la blh la,
but then, a day before that Pn. Sabrinawati said that they were going to have almost-the-same seminar in our school.

I was like alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,
Why didn't I get to stay in school.

Tapi lelebih la tu kalau tnk pegi,
so I pick up my literally rectangle bag and held my head high,
nak power je bunyi,

But once I entered the hall,
I was like
Shitt, they all look soooooo smart,
with the 3 inches spectecles,
bag yg nmpk mcm nk lari rumah.

then, we were told to sit separately,
so me, ahna, fakrullah and shafiq
went to choose our new groupies,
the girl sat beside me was ok,
I know Im going to sound like a lesbian when I say this,
but she pretty,
no no, I'm not going to say,
I cant consentrate,
she's so hot.
ok Wtf.

The problem is,
there were so many guys that stared, smiled,and even
accidently hit me by the head on his way to talk to her,
Some of them were hot,
tu yg tak blh concentrate,

Anywys, mula-mula seminar tu,
we were all,
sat up straight,
angguk once in a minute duin the seminar,
but dah nk pukul 4 tu semua dah mcm sotong.

'Fakrullah, cikgu dah sampai nk ambik kita balik kejut aku.'

But on the serious side,
the seminar were well organised,
thumbs-up ;)