Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I have great friends, Alhamdulillah

Honestly I'm tired,
I feel like I need a 3 days sleep for me to recover.
like seriously.

I woke up at 6 this morning,
I can't sleep I dont know why,
I went to watch late night movie, 2012, last night,
that may be the reason.
So I made breakfast for my mother,
hmm tahu tahu,
anak misali.

Well nobody wants to know about that,
I know.

Well the wow-er part haven't arrive, my dear stalkers,
haha, I went out of house at 9.35 am,
and I'm have to be at school on 10.
my bad,
So I ran half the way and gave up the other half,
penat oo.

I reached school at 10.23, hee.
I didn't take my breakfast,
and nadia gave me hers,
aww, I know.
I eat half and gave it to zati,
She didnt have her breakfast as well
louder aww, I know.

As we reach sunway lagoon,
we decided to eat first,
the food I tell you,
wow, bapak mahal.
I'm okay with paying for something tasty,
but 7 ringgit for a lousy burger,
and 5 ringgit for fries that I can get 1 ringgit for
hmm, toooooo much//

Anyhow, after we eat,
we went straight to paintball,
hmm, ok la.
fighting with walls

Then we went to flying fox,
we have to use the stairs to reach there,
It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo high
and tiring, lagi tinggi dari 4 tingkat

But it was all worth it,
I went first,
And the worker purposely push me while I was talking
I wasn't ready at all,
and it was me first time.

I shouted so loud that when I reach down,
the other worker ask me
'Ada suara lagi tak dik?'
'Nak buat lagi boleh?'
'pegi naik tangga balik'
I dont like you,

Then we went for the other EXTREME things,
like bungee trampoline, kayak, ATX ride,
which I dont to elaborate on the part that
elydia terjunam jatuh.
and kena marah macam budak kecik
And were told to stand at the corner
no I dont want to elaborate,

Then we went to ice skate,
It was good,
Having good times with the people I barely know.
It was fun.

So many people I know had fall so many times,
I dont want to write the name,
because zati, tanesh, imran and the others will get mad.
No, I wont tell you that they fell.

Dalam bas,
It was something else,
Everybody was so tired,
No one bothered to fight or make fun of each other,
for once we lived peacefully together,

Nadia sang few songs,
and its obvious I love those songs too,
because I sang along.

We had to walk back,
in the dark,
I have to say,
Its was very the scary.
But we made it.

Haha, this is the perfect example of tired and fun.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

That somebody is me

I've never feel so good.

I'm moved

I've move on,
still at the edge,
so dont pull me back down,
my wings are wide open,
ready to fly.

Let me go,
becau se I wont look back

Friday, November 20, 2009

You know who you are

Maybe my friends are right about I'm in denial,
but I quite right about,
I'll get through this.
I know we all are hoping I'm right.

There are times when I hold my phone tight,
knowing what number to press,
knowing how fast I can press it so I could hear your.
But I know how to hold the feelings back.
I know how to control my heart,
though it wants to take over my brain lately.

As funny as it may sounds,
I have a tiny hope that you'll msg me and say,
your phone have been stolen,
and the one who hurt me was not you,
But I came back to my senses, it was you,
You choose to hurt me.

I'm moving on,
I have great friends, Alhamdulillah.
If you can't appreciate me,
I know some who does,
I'll be okay

Some people have their own way of living,
and my way is,
I dont give my trust twice.

I don't hate you,
because I want to move on.
You don't get a place in my life anymore,
you can't even play the enemy part.
As for me you are memories.

You may win,
But I didn't lost anything,
not even tears.
You were playing,
when I was very true.
And I wont bother to hurt you back,
Because unlike you,
I have better things to do

I've been through this,
I'll get through this again, InsayAllah.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

You have me


Things are getting hard in you life right now,
I dont know how can I help to make you feel better,
But the hardest part in my life so far is when
my mthr got mad at me everytime she gets home from work
for everyday for 2/3 years.
I can only laugh at school those times

What I'm trying to say is,
you'll get through this,
I did.
because we have great friends,
We'll get through this together,
You have us,
Like I have you guys.

I promise you,
when things gets better,
(It will)
You'll be the strongest person,
Stronger than you can imagine.
You may not realise it,
until someone try to hurt you,

You're strong Nadia,
You're stronger than any of us

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm hurt

Rasa mcm nk nangis,
I need a shoulder.

Monday, November 16, 2009

You better be careful

Or you gonna lost your friends.
Watch your mouth,
Because enough is enough,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You want to be intrend?

First of all, put 3 niddles in your forehead,
and make it look like it is not painful at all

and read magazine with your buddy like you dont have niddles stuck in your forehead

You may want to bring your girlfriend

Take it out when you think your forehead is big enough,

Press it with your finger,
and make a pretty hole

now, you're cool enough to pose with your friends

Or a profile photo for your facebook

The change in view

I've spend 16 years 5 month and 10 days of my life,
With the idea, unlike girlfriends, boyfriends is just friend for fun,
The dont listen to your problems.

Seriously, I was wrong.
Some of them listen better than some of my girlfriends,
Of course I'm most comfortable with my girls, tbof.
But they, my boyfriends, are not bad either.
I'm feeling a little lighter,

Who can very you the best advice about guy,
other than guys themselves?

But I'm about bothered about what happend in school just now,
sad may be a good way to explain.

What if all this time Im wrong?
How should I start it over?

I'm quite tired

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Anger and pain

There times that when we are besiege by people who wants to be around us for their own benefits,
Don't say you're okay
Berserk is also pain.
ans we all has been beset by that pass.
But screw it,
haven't you heard?
and now is future.

Mourning is lame,
and you are not weak,

I'm saying,
anger and pain come together,
To lose the pain you have to lose the anger

But of course it's ok too get angry,
Just dont like it eat you

Friday, November 6, 2009

We're humans

We are humans,
just humans.

You're not perfect,
and I love you

Few days back

I'm back people!
I know you miss me, xoxo.

I know I haven't been anywhere to come back,
But its' like getting my soul back,
you feel me, you feel me huh?!

See? I told you I'm back.

Well, few weeks back I was like flying in my world,
Its like being juliet for a week.
Then few days back, I was like so mean,
not me not me, no no
I felt like running around
shouting at everyone,
'I hate you! Your nose are too big!'

But now I'm back,
I'll fill your loneliness,
too destroy your happiness.

So how wild is doing?

So the exam is over,
Where are we going?
Come on, we have till midnight,

Lets eat until we puke,
Forget about the diet for a day.
Lets hang out until we get lost,
we wont go too far away,
Lets laugh so loud,
That we get kick out from the place

Lets go wild,

and pretend to be tame.

*Looking at my-imaginary-of-ayiesha's-face,

Or, you can come to my house,
lets discuss about the paper.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I was just reading Fatihin's blog,
Her about me made me laugh for 10 minutes,

I have problems with people saying,
'I rest my case'

Just by saying 'I rest my case' to me,
I'll get scary and you'll get scared,

I had a tuition mate with damaged brain
*not literally*
Once, he came to tuition with undone homework.
When teacher was shouting at him,
he answered, 'ye la cikgu, apape la, I rest my case'
I swear the teacher went from red to blue.
*not literally*
Hoping my nenek in kelantan to hear, she shouted

So, I have problems with people saying,
I rest my case.

wannaaa fight pus pus?

ok, that is a whooole different story