Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Emotion Flows
I've joined the twitter from last year actually,
But the last time I signed in was the time I signed up.

But I like blog better,
1. I rarely online.
2. Emotions flow better in words. Less words, less emotions, more confuse.
Well, that's for me.

Im in the end of my school life. This is the part where emotion gets more complicated than dy/dx. Me no like.

I read few of my juniors blog just now, and memories rewinds itself. I remember how bad it felt when, nabila, hafiz, chin, esther left the school, no good. I hate those part.

There a looot of homeworks this year, like plenttty of them. I dont know what will my life be like after SPM, what will it be like to not think about physics and add math everyday of your life. not to be in the same room with the same people everyday. like what would it feel like to be free. Or lonely. Well not matter how lonely I am right now, tomorrow Im going to school and meet my schoolmates. And in 10 months times, I will not have schoolmates anymore. Hmm, what would it feels like. me wonder

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Fatihin

Tahu dah lambat, but haha, I hope you'll like it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


When it gets to dark,
I dont know what else to do,
I just gonna close my eyes,
and smile,
move my legs and walk like the normal days,
I dont know what to do.
but Im through with crying and rolling on my bed,
I know somewhere out there,
I'll get my answer,
So Im just gonna continue walking.

have you heard,
and song by atilia,

I have dream about you I can't defy,
You've been on my mind,
Dont go,
I'll be lost without you by my side,
stand on my own.

Yeah, I've falllen for an angel.

your brightest star is shinning next to mine,
every night and day,
do you know,
star explodes and they fade away,
they fade away,

Yeah, I've fallen for an angel,
Yeah, I've fallen for an angel,

Won't you please be my baby,
Come by and I'll lay you down,
I want you and Im saying I love you too,
Wont you be my honey,
I'm sorry that I let you down,
Your eyes are breaking my heart in two,
break my heart in two.

May the one above us keep you you safe,
for the rest of days,
If he knows,
How I love the smile on your face,
You here to stay.

Yeah, I've fallen for an angel,
Yeah, I've fallen for an angel,
an angel.

I did not fall for an angel, but it is a nice song

Saturday, January 16, 2010


There will always be something for you to feel thankful for,
no matter how tired,
how sad,
how misery,
There will be something that Allah gives you for you to look at,
to lean on,
to the get the strength from,
So be thankful.
Say Alhamdulillah.

Friday, January 15, 2010

High heels

Do you wear high heel when you were 3?
I bet you barely walk

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

School Student

I am a school student,
I am a school student,
I am a school student.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Every year, I would post a post about how my first day of school when,
But I didn't this year.
I was very busy That the only chance I get to surf the internet was when I need to read the online news,
And that is all I did.

Well this year is a lot like last year,
Im in the same class,
Same sit,
andit is the girl the sat besides me, Nadia.

Things doesn't change much,
When Hong Wen told us Saba might be changing school,
I was very sad,
Because I really like him already,
as a friend of course,

Unlike last year,
I posted about how much I hated his jokes,
I really like it now,
It is funnya actually.

Though this year,
I'm wearing tudung already,
and Im taking SPM.
it is so weird writting it you know.

So I am very busy.

and thia year, I am very fragile.


What is wrong with me,
slap me,
hit me,
send me to a mechanic,
I need some fixing.

I hate you,
I dont like you,
I dont want to be you're friend.

But do I care about you?
Why does it bother me, when you're hurt?

I dont need you, I just need you to be okay. Why?

Saturday, January 9, 2010


It's I am random,
bukan I am condom.
malas layan