Sunday, February 28, 2010


masa lalat

February is saying goodbye as March come to stay,
But Im still in my new year mood.
Hmm, I need to walk faster,
As fast as the time.

Last year,
My seniors were so excited about being in the senior year.
I was waiting and waiting so that I could write
'It's the senior year baby!' in my status too.

But hell no,
It's not exciting at all.
I don't like being a senior you see.
I dont get to act stupid .

I like it when I acted stupid when I was a junior,
and people looked at me with the
'alah-budak-kecik' glance.

I like my class very much.
But seriously I wonder among my school years,
Why am I been put in this class,
During my last year.
I was the girl who sat in the corner,
with nadia, because we had a very different point of very back then,
But now we are the crowd.

I just had my last sukan tara,
It was not that sad,
but Ayiesha and Elydia wanted to cry.
Maybe the feeling will hit me during the sport day.

We went out last week,
It is the first time I wear tudung the pavilion
It's not as hard as I thought I should be,
Infact, there's no different.
I know, I didn't believed it when Fatihin told me the same thing.

Maybe I'll upload some photos later,
My blog is very dull but I too lazy

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Look back

Have you ever thought about being the person you are before?
I didn't grow hoping to be who I am right now
But I pretty satisfied :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sivik & Kewarganegaraan.

I can't say this is the best year,
for my sivic class.
but this is, for sure, that crosses my head once I heard the sivic word.

Just now Pn. Raja, our sivic teacher showed us a video on youtube about the war in palestin,
We cried.
Male, female, we just, cried.
I can't put it in words just how I felt,
watching the video.

They are just kids.
The young ones.
While I'm busy writing about the life Im about to face.
'I yet to be introduce to life'
They , know it from the very beginning.

While I brag about how just hard this year has treat me,
They, the 3 years old kids, who could barely walk,
Has hard life since they get one.

I just watched another video,
I wanted to cry,
but I think they need more than my tears.
So, I gonna pray for them.
That's the best thing I can do.
But Im asking you to pray for them as well,
and that's a better thing that I can do.
For now.

They don't deserve this.
They're good peoples.
Well, I'm here, as peaceful as a human can be,
and I'm not a good person.

Guilty, maybe that's the word.