Monday, March 29, 2010

Kempen peparangi sifat masmudah

Say no to back stabbing!
Say no to dramas!
Say no to lies!
Say hell yeah to friendship!

No matter how hard it is,
you have to choose the thing you need instead of the thing you like.
Say I dont want to fall in love right now especially to the wrong guy!

Okay, selesai berkempen,
boleh buat lk, exam kan exam,
(padahal dari tadi ckp mcm tu)
Omgpop is killing me. I hate you nadia.
should not let me play it at your house the other day,

Friday, March 26, 2010

Whenever anyone fails on you

Sorry ayiesha, I took it for your blog.
ps/ cuba tgk shu xian kat blkng tu, lolzz

But I'm gonna blog about it again

When we were younger, we were the same. I mean, kalau sorg ckp babi, smua nk ckp babi, sorg
benci barbie, semua benci barbie. But as we grow up, we starts to have our own point of view, our own thing. Ayiesha is very into clothes bazaar, shoes and rings. Nadia loves exotic animals. Fatihin likes to cook and gives us cupcakes for our birthday, Elydia, as always, with her own world. As for me, searching for my own path too. Im starting with square 1, my religion.

I can see the difference in everyone honestly. Ayiesha loves the brothes, family more as time pass, Nadia starts to talk with strangers, have the confidence she should have and loves me more. Fatihin, she do not hate her brother anymore and is not afraid to tell the world what she believes in. Elydia, elydia is elydia, sometimes she's transparent but most of the time she likes to keep things to herself.

I've once write in my diary, yes I have a diary. I wrote

" We, tbof are like magnets. We are very different from each other, the things we likes, our backgrounds like north pole and south. Difference attracts, that's the reason we are so close. Though we are different, we are still magnets"

Trust me, It's the mouse.

Ego brings you no where

The feeling when you wont do something that is against the 'rules', like,

Girls should not make a move.
Girls should be girly.
Boys should be the man.
Girls are always weaker

You might thing, screw that,no one cares. But secretly, you dont want to make a move either. I have friends who really holds on that 'rule' I dont know, I think maybe you should give some hint, it-is-not-obvious-that-you-are-flirting thing, but dont go to that guy and say 'Weh jom couple' It is brutal, brave, but also scary.

'Girls should be girly' hurrrmm, Just because you loves pink it makes you a girl or vice versa. Ceh, ayat cm nk buat hypothesis physics je. Like my friend nadia once said, 'Im a girl, but Im not girly'. So There is nothing wrong with a girl who likes to go scuba diving, rock clambing, plays paintball, panjat gunung kinabalu, karaoke at red box with her friends sambil makan bersepah, or ice skating. Truth to be told, ladylike does not exist, it's more like a man's dream. *puke*

Just because you're born male, it doesnt make you a man. And now, woman dont wait for man to bring back meat for dinner anymore, we hunt it ourselves. So 'man' now days has a whole new meaning. Girls dont seek for protection from man anymore. Dalam taekwando, silat, karate kat sekolah pun lagi ramai perempuan. Lelaki, masuk PBSM, main doktor-doktor. Tak pun tak masuk CC je.

Like I said, the different between men and women nowdays is just testis and uterus. Boobies pun dah ramai yang buat plastic surgery.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Oh, Im playing omgpop with nadia.
ugh, I always be the one who die first x_x
Sekarang tgh tgu org lain mati.
cho bocaann.

Tadi exam math,
tadi masa tgh jawab,
titibe terbayang KLIA,
people are sending me off.
semangat samapai langit masa tu,
tapi titibe sesedar tertidur.
hahha, -.-

I am the worst dreamer babyyyy

Sunday, March 7, 2010

It was so good until it's gone

I know that feeling,
I know that feeling pretty well.
sometime, I am that feeling.

So dont worry, most of the time our deepest despair is the same,
Come let's talk.
It will bring good for both of us.

PS/ Man, Norman KRU pengetua Akedemi Fantasia terbaru!
Bapak la nadia, dah tak cool la kita nyanyi lagu 'oh please please please',
Ok bye blog, nk pi hafal lagu terhangat di pasaran.

my apologies

My apologies to those who get offended at previous post.
Hehe, terlebih emotional,
but seriously, it's time for you to look at the ground man,
hihi, but still, sorry

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Malay songs

Just now me and Nadia sang Cinta Sempurna in the class while teacher was not in , Nadia wrote the lyrics on the white board, so for those who dont know the lyrics can sing along.

Cinta sempurna
Aku manusia lemah,
Selalu terjatuh berbeza aku dari mu,
Kau berdiri teguh.
Aku hilang dari kemunculan.

Sempurnanya sifatmu,
tulusnya hatimu,
jujurnya niatmu,
tingginya kesabarannya,

Maafkanlah diriku,
Kerna aku tak mampu tuk menanggung
sebuah cinta sempurna.
Dari mu,
Dari mu.

I know it may sounds cliche but the melody is very nice. Suddenly the was a girl in that class that said 'E, korang hafal lagu melayu?' The way she say it, it sounded it's a like gross thing. Well for me it's not.

It doensn't matter what song it is, whether it's english, malay, chienese, tamil, japanese or anything else. It doesn't matter. As long as you like it, then sing it. It's not a wrong thing to be yourself. Even if deep down inside, you are not cool, or '
ketinggalan zaman'. In fact, for me,
it is better than being someone else, '
fakers'. And back to square one, you're a malaysian. You're born in this hot whether, you have dark hairs, dark pupil. So matter how hard you try to look, act, talk, behave like the westerns, it runs in blood that, you're an asian. You can hate that fact, try to change it, be a pain in the ass, or be happy and proud of it.

I'm not saying it is wrong to like english songs, I sing english songs more that malays. Im saying it's wrong to hate people who sings malay song. I look up to them, they are proud of themselves, unlike some of us. It's a good thing.

Again, lame is very subjective. If you're cool among your facebook friends, you're not cool to everyone, some might think you're trying too hard or weird or wild or anything. If there people that have ever told you're lame, you're not lame to everyone. Maybe to some group of people, but not everyone. So hold you're head up, be yourself, and be proud, that's the best thing you can do for yourself.

But trying to hard is lame. For me. hehe

The 'Toki-toki' Auntie

She's the untie that sells super rings, chicken rings, toki-toki, asam, and a lot more.
She gives me something to think about at night.
Choi, not that Im into her,
bukannya aku berangan nk kawin dgn anak dia so I get to eat toki-toki for free for the rest of my life.

Seriously, she's SO KIND
Yeah kind enough for me to post it in my blog.
She's so motherly, and warm
I know you thinking 'apa ni, dia baru bagi kau super rings free eh?'

You dont get me my friend,
I saying I like her,
She sell food by the roadsides,
on the hot whether,
But she's able to smile to everyone,
even those who were just passing by and not even buying her things.
Unlike workers in those fancy shop in pavilion.
She called every costumer 'sayang',
No she's not being flirty!
She's being ..
hmm, I can't find the exact word.

Okay, Im stoping here, before I starts about mak cik kantin or pak cik jaga pulak.

Lei hou pin touah?

No offense, I have no idea what it means

I feel like I want to write again.
Transfer my feelings into words.
But the connection is not there,
Something is blocking it to come out.

Push the wall,
break it,
break it,
break it.

No, nothing will happen if you push it too hard.
You just have to ask yourself politely,
And wait for it to open up.
Just like you do to everyone else.

But I can feel myself all mixed up.
I need to remind myself
whats wrong and whats right again,
Who's the enemy and who's the friend,
What I want and what I need.
I want to able to tell different again.

But something is blocking

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

5 Gaharu

Cikgu : Pada pendapat anda apakah sebab berlakunya gejala soial dalam kalangan masyarakat kita pada hari ini?
Murid 1:Kurangnya didikan agama!
Murid 2: Pengaruh dari barat!
Murid 3: Ibu bapa tidak memainkan peranan!

Murid 4: Err, saya rasa kerana kurangnya Akademi Al-Quran