Sunday, May 30, 2010

Losing the ground?

In the last few week I was not myself,
I dont know whether it's due to dengue,
Harmon imbalance,
Or 'it'.

But I think I've get over it,
Slowly, Im back to the old me,
But of course, Im not exactly the same.

Note to self :
Everything in life is like cloud in the skies, It's pretty, but It will change and never be the same,
So enjoy it while you can, and then let it go.

Im not losing the ground,
Im getting into the ground.

Ye, ye.
Dah blh dgr dah,
Fatihin dgn Ayiesha cakap
dah habsi dah, ye ye.

Save the tears

Let's just understand that we are both humans,
Im sorry that Im not perfect,
and I love you as you are.
But I'll try my best to be the best daughter that I could be,
Because it is quite obvious that we are both very tired.

And I dont think I have more place in myself for anger to fill in.
It has been 5 years.
I dont know if you could smell it,
But I feel so smelly,
It's like something has rot inside

So let's just save the tears

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I know they realize that I'm changing,
At least Nadia does,
ye la dia satu kelas kan.

Maybe if you spend the whole day with me,
like she always does,
Maybe you'll see that Im in pain.
Not a big deal,
We all are.

I don't know what's the reason I just can't tell you why.
I hate to look at the mirror these days,
I hate to look into my eyes.

There are times I called Fatihin,
I wanted to tell these things inside my head,
Let it out,
But Im scared that if I cant let it back in.

Its weird,
This is my first time handling a problem on my own.
But no matter what,
I know I have my friends behind me.
It helps a lot.

I tried to be more like Ayiesha,
Strong and does not entertain her emotion in front of a coward.
I'll try.

But I've always like to be around Elydia,
It's a perfect get away for me,
She has never know my stories,
So when I lied to her about the reason I been sad,
She'll believe me.

Like I said, Im going to be a burden for a while loves :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lets delete the ugly pictures :)

Well, I know we are expecting me to say.

I hate you all, Im cursing all your generations to be born naked

But no lah,
I have a lot of love to give people,

First of all,
No matter how the second day went,
First day proves that everyone,
Wye Toong, Sharon, Ivy, Kah Yan, Azrie, Rezza, Alicia, Stephanie, Kah Ee, Qin Ern, Dylan, Laveniya, and me myself did doing our works,
Just think of how smelly we were,

But second day was, aa, a mess.
Im sure everyone agrees.
But I dont think it is any of our fault,
It was out of our control,
Well we did the formation and flow was very well on the first day,
But sometimes,
Being things dont go as well as we plan,
And as humans,
all we can do is give the best that we can,
What I believe everyone did on the second day.

We had a lot of people to entertain,
Orang turun pun tak ikut jadual,
So the 13 of us got tension and everything was out of order.
For that I take the blame,
I should have arrange our position properly bfr the day start.
Everything happened so fast.
Im sorry :)

Well, in the end of the session,
Everyone was tired and hungry,
I saw a few that break under the pressure,
Well, everthing has their boiling point dont they.

So Im saying,
I dont know about you guys,
But I think what's done is done,
I've forgive and forget.
Clearly, it was a miscommunication.

Tak kesah lah photohgrafy club the sidang redaksi ke,
Semua org ada buat salah kan,
nama pun manusia,
Tapi, kita 13 dah lyn 1 sekolah,
Beribu org o,
So buat yang keruh ambil yang jernih,
Hoho, Im making pn. hamimy proud here.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Definitely Better

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy me

Before Facebook
My last year birthday was a mess,
10 wishes and no present :O
Haha, lek lu, ni before

After Facebook
I choo, choo, soo,
happy, hihi, and it is not even my birthday yet.
Ramai dah wish happy brthday or at least say
Nadira birthday hari khamis, haa.
Eh, your birthday's coming right?
I use to think people who says
'Ala, tada hadiah pun tada dah ingat pun dah kira bagus'
But seriously, this is what Im saying

Though my birthday is not here yet,
I can bet, this year is totally better than last year,
There's at least 7 wishes before my birthday,
I just need another 4, hoho.

Thnk you people, I love you :)