Sunday, June 13, 2010


I use to have the way to describe this word,
But not anymore,
Bestfriend is a word like no other,
So I cant find the word like it to explain.

Sometimes they are the perfect get away,
Sometimes they are the person you run from,
You miss them after some times,
You disagree with their way and action,
But you couldn't help to stand by their side,
Whether their right or wrong,
Even if it means the whole world is your enemy.
But one word that should not be in describing bestfriend is,

Im saying,
I miss my bestfriend :)


I reading Harry Potter again,
Hoooo, Im so confused,
Should I be in love with Fred weasley or Sirius Black?
You see,

Fred is sooooooooo funny,
never failed to make me laugh.
He has a great family,
and he knows how to make the bling bling (additional marks)

On the other hand (ceh)
Sirius is such a loyal person,
He stick to his friends,
and such a loving godfather,
He protects his loved ones no matter what's the consequences.

And the other problem is,
Both of them is dead.
Tapa tapa,
here comes the tong hua song.

Anyways, this explains why I haven't start my Add Math homework yet,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Macam mana ni?

Macam mana ni?
Nak nangis,
nak nangis
nak nangis jugak.

Sedih la,
campur dengan penat lagi,
wah, nak lari.

Hmm, sorry