Friday, July 23, 2010

Long Way Home

Thursday , 21/7/2010

My eldest sister, Nabilla had this photo of her whole batch taken during her form 5 year. I was so taken by that very photo because I'll always wanted a memory of me and all of my friends in one photo. So I've promise myself that I will try to get a picture my batch, class of 2010, taken too. And I did.

Of course it wasn't me myself. Kar Yan played a big role too. But I when had to sign the letter of asking for the permission to take my class photo form our headmistress, the feeling really hit me ,that I've fulfilled my long time lost dream.

The day itself was really tiring, I had to run around the whole school the whole day, searching for teachers. Then, we had to arranged the student without a plan as we had to change the intial plan last minute. It took us 2 hours to had it done. With teachers complaining, we can't really doing it with a smile. But once the photo is taken, the feeling is beyond imaginations. I was very happy, as I ran to Kar Yan, she was almost in tears.

Azrie told me, that is what the prefect felt every time they planned for hari guru or hari kebangsaan. During the process, it was so tiring. But then, as the celebration finished, the feeling is like no other. That's the reason they do it, they dont get paid for they effort, they want to feel that amazing feeling. Like they're important and worth it. That was what I felt.

Later on yesterday, I was going to have my tuition class at Fatihin's. So I was going back with her, that was the intial plan. But teacher told me I have to stay back and finish the school magazine work. Dealing with responsibility, I told fatihin that I'll go to her house by myself. Though I dont really know how to get there. But, too bad for me, there was no work, everyone else when home early. So I was left at school to deal with anger and confusion.

I called my mother, she told me to get a bus to KLCC. So she could send me to fatihin's. I did as she ask. Wearing my school uniform, and my pink school bag, I took the train and bus to KLCC. Then I walk myself to my mother's office. When to the reception to use their phone. To make thing worse, I was extremely hungry.

To see my mother was a gladful feeling. I dont feel like a lost puppy anymore. She bought me some food. And send me to fatihin's. It is a very long weird day.

And funny how I press ayiesha's number without noticing after calling my mother. Maybe I was use with calling her when Im feeling lost :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Potter

I use to lioke this book, but seriously, no matter how much E! try tell my the movie is amazing, I think it sucks. Hehe, well, it's me. But if I were to chose, I definitely choose TEAMEDWARD!!
Well the obvious reason is because I wants Jacob Black. ANd the other reason is, I think Bella and Jacob makes a better friend than couple.
These movies and books are waaaaaaaaaaaay better than Twilight.
And I still can't choose either Fred and Sirius.
Have you watch Avatar?
Hah, the feeling like you belong to that imaginary world,
that is what I felt when I reading this book, Happy Potter.
Like Happy Potter is my main life and the on Im living is my second :)
Good job J.K. Rowling,
You're my favourite author of all time,
you too Cecilia Ahern :)

Last Report Card Day

Just had my last report card day, yesterday.
Mama can't come, she had to bring along's to UiTM Shah Alam for her registration.
Mula-mula mama mcm 'Apa jadi pun mama nak datang jugak'.
So I waited but, last last abah yang sampai.

Anyways, the itself is quite fun.
It started with a sandwich,
Ahh, you know how much I love good sandwich,
actually I dont really care if it's a sandwich or anything else,
As long as it's food,
it can make my day :)

Story story with ayiesha and nadia,
They told my a ghost story about third floor toilet in our school,
Oh, I swear no matter how my bladder burst I wont go there anymore.
Darn scaryy.

Then when everyone closed to me went back,
I sat with Sabaruddin,
Nadia's no.1 boy.
You see I like to talk with Sabaaa,
He is one wise guy.
He was asking for an opinion,
Which I felt bad, because I cant give one.

Then my father came and took me home,
Funny that when my father arrived and stand in front of my class,
I realised how old he looked nowadays,
No worries abah, you're still my handsome father ;)