Thursday, December 30, 2010

If I have a boyfriend

I hope he dont care much about how good he looks because if he does,
then he must really care about how I look as well.
I think I have a tendency to grow fatter, hehe.
So I want him to love me when Im old, ugly and fat bcs I really want to do the same for him.

I hope he is not filthy rich, super hot, an actor, or a football player
because I wish to have an everyday person as my boyfriend.
A normal, random person that makes me feel
safe to fall in love with,
comfortable to date with,
and allows me to be myself in room of crowd.

I hope he wont be telling the world about our relationship,
because I really like it if we could have our own thing,
making our own secret jokes at the side of the table,
It is not that I dont want the world to know that Im not single,
just, I dislike people judging us as a couple.

I hope if there is a guy, if, that wants to marry me,
I hope he will ask my parents before he make a proposal,
I just find it to be very sweet,
to be very to consider my parents approval,
and understand how important they are to me.

But I realize that searching for a simple guy is the complicated thing in the world.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Im A Proud Malaysian

Dengar Cite Malaysia Menang?

Apa lagi, kasi lah cuti,
penat kita lepak kedai mamak,
jerit-jerit terlolong.
cat muka sini sana,
Cari jersi murah kat uptown

Hmm, me and my family was actually from Sunway Lagoon,
but we rush back home to watch the match,
Absolutely worth it, woo-hoo ;)

We won of course,
Having a coach like Rajagopal,
Captain like Safiq Rahim,
Goalkeeper like Khairul Fahmi,
Defenders like Muslim Ahmad, Fadhli Mohd.
Okay, okay I should stop bragging about how well I know (google)our team :)

Hihi, coming back to earth,
I think we Malaysian should say Alhamdulillah ( in any way that you prefer),
because clearly, we are blessed.

Our boys played well,
I personally think Khairul Fahmi or NorShahrul Idlan Talaha deserve the MVP (most valued player),
because somehow Khairul Fahmi was able to catch almost every single ball and a penalty!
He is with no doubt the best goalkeeper in the affsuzukicup.

Well, I personally dislike a goalkeeper from *#($*@)$*
(It is necessary to censored to avoid any hatred)
because for me he loves to complain!
I mean,
kau ingat kau tgh main wakil bola sepak Sekolah Perempuan Bahagia ( rekaan) ??
A smooth, easy way throughout the match?

While NorShahrul,
He is a special player like Rajagopal said.
I remember this line very well because I've heard it so many times in so many match,
'A unselfish played by Norshahrul'
He's like our own Lionel Messi, who opens the chance for goals.

Our tiger is roaring again,
It is awake now,
And it can use some support,
So take out those Man. Utd pillows in your car,
and put in our own HarimauMalaya pillows instead.

Ignore the ugly words from other country,
Arguing with them will just take us to their level.
We Malaysian are definitely peace-lover ;)
Like I said, fight love with hate.

And who cares if NorShahrul is married,
Khairul Fahmi has a girlfriend, Elia.
or Rajagopal is not single,
They need you to support them as a player,
not as a guy.

Aww, did I just broke your heart ; )


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Facebook Status

Haha, this is very nice actually,
to see 'top' thoughts of mine.

My favourite is actually, no. 8

Bola Sepak

Lepas baca balik blog ini,
saya sedar akan bahasa org putih yg sering saya gunakan.
Jadi mengambil kesempatan ini,
Saya ingin cuba utk blog dalam bahasa sendiri.
Ada rasa sedikit kekok kerana tak biasa,
Tapi tak cuba maka tak tahu (suka hati aku je)

Sejak dua menjak ni,
aku dah makin gilakan bola.
Kalau selalu, dapat remote je mesti aku tukar 711.
Tapi skrg mesti nak pergi 813 dulu.

Secara jujurnya, aku semakin minat kat pasukan Harimau Malaya kita.
Suka tgk kepelbagaian kaum dalam satu pasukan,
tapi yg penting dari jurulatih sampai pemain,
semuanya buatan Malaysia.

Banyak sebab aku sokong Harimau Malaya,
-Sbb utama mestilah sbb aku ni org Malaysia.
-Org tak blh kata aku suka bola sbb lelaki atau nak nmpk cool, yelah, cool manalah sgt minat harimau malaya ni kalau nak dibandingkan dgn chelsea, man.utd atau arsenal.
-Pemain kita ni sebenarnya bagus bagus. Cuba bygkan dorg tgh main utk Barclays atau worldcup, mesti korg dah tabik. Terutamanya Norshahrul Idlan Talah, dia ni dah mcm Messi Melayu ;D
-Dah nama perempuan, mestilah aku suka pemain kita sbb dorg ni kacak dan bertubuh kental. Cuma agak tua utk aku :)

Malangnya, setiap perkara pasti ada pelbagai pandangan yang berbeza.
Penyokong Indonesia yang tidak dapat terima kekalahan mereka tlh byk menaburkan fitnah kepada pihak Malaysia.
Ada yang kata Malaysia gunakan dukun. Walhal, berdasarkan kepada filem-filem Melayu, kebanyakkan bomoh di Malaysia dtgnya dari Indonesia.
Ada yang kata malaysia tlg menaburkan serbuk yng menyebabkan Markus, penjaga gol Indonesia gatal-gatal. Hmm, yang ni paling karut.
Ada pula yang kata penyokong Malaysia sendiri tidak percaya dgn kemenangan Malaysia. Mana ada, saya percaya. Sebelum perlawanan lagi saya rasa Malaysia akan menang.

Namun, Rajagobal menyakinkan kita bahawa pasukan megara tidak akan 'walk-out' atau meninggalkan permainan seperti yg diancam oleh pemain indonesia.

sumber dari

Tapi Alhamdulillah, sekarang ni, Malaysia sudah mendahului dengan 3-0.
InsayAllah, kita menang.
Tapi jgn cepat tabik dada,
Malang tak berbau, kita doa lah beramai-ramai.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Childhood memories

When my friend talks about the childhood memories,
Their favourite cartoon,
I felt so left out,
because I dont know any of them,
So it makes me wonder,
What did I do when I was young?

I remember their faces,
but I've never watch any of their movies.
I've read their stories though.
Anyways, I know they are not my thing.
I didn't go crazy for them when I was young

I dont know any of these guys either
What a weird group.


Oh, I miss them :( :)
Oh yes, definitely.
I remember every one of them.
Even collected a set of eraser with their picture,
their cards.
Hoho, this was so my thing.

Dulu mesti nak kena tgk,
setiap hari dekat NTV 7

Although most of my favourite cartoon is a japanese anime
I do love some other cartoon like Dextor's Laboratory

Hmm, no wonder I felt so left out,
Korg semua tgk cerita Orang Putih,
Cek sorg je tgk cerita Nipon

Silly us

I miss those times,
Times when we were just so stupid and do silly stuffs,
Maybe it's because we were young,
or maybe because we were totally problem free.

But I miss those times nevertheless,
Now, everybody seems to be so far away,
Doing their on stuffs,
Having their own thing.
Hmm, I miss my girls.


Fight Hate with Love

Trust me you'll win ;)

You're a lucky Girl

Look at the way he looks at you
No matter what happen next,
Trust me he has fallen for you
You got him :)

Live your life one step at the time,
Cheerish the moment

I miss you

I miss you,
but I know you're having the time of your life right now,

Let's just wait and see what's next.
Because Im tired.
I give up,

Hide, dont run

When put you through shitty times,
Pull your mask,
and hide.
Trust me it help
Although it's gonna hurt you more

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Roar tiger roar!

Yesterday was a nice day for local football lovers,
Malaysia fans and Man. Utd. fans
Both of them won!!
woot woot.

Well, Man. Utd. won over Sunderland is not an issue,
There was no green laser or any player threatening to leave the game.
Well, nice move guys.

But Malaysia winning over Indonesia is a very big issue.
In fact, the issue about Malaysia winning over Vietnam in the semi final is not even over yet.
Haiyaaaa, why la like that, I wish there is a law to forbid the emotional fans to watch any football match, menyusahkan org je.
haha, peace yaww.
I was a the match, and I can bet that the two goal from Safee is truly because of his and our player skills and good game plan.

I am not any football expect but I dont think the three
goal from Safee and Ashaari has anything to do with any laser either,
watch the video yourself,
From what I see it was clearly the Indonesia defenders and goal keeper fault.

Anyways, how can they be so sure that the laser is from Malaysia Fans?
And even if it is from Malaysia,
It was the fans, the player played a good game.

I don't know why, but our team has been improving a looooot.
I like Safiq, a very good captain, I like the way he controls his team.
Sharul Idlan Talaha and Safee Sali is a very good striker, with great move
Muslim and Fadhli are cute awesome defenders , haha.
But my fav is Kunanlan. hikhikhik *blushing

Well, since Im a Malaysian of course I could only feel
the Malaysian side,
Anyhow, it is just a games,
I dont see why should we fight and call each other Malingsia or Indonesial,
Lets just be professional, and wait for the next match.

and I am still proud of our players :)

PERDANA Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak bersama-sama ratusan peminat bola sepak lain menyaksikan perlawanan secara langsung antara pasukan Malaysia menentang Vietnam menerusi skrin gergasi di Jalan Bukit Bintang. Turut sama ialah Menteri Belia dan Sukan, Datuk Seri Shabery Cheek dan Timbalannya Datuk Razali Ibrahim. - Foto BERNAMA

Harimau Muda

I am happy that the Malaysian soccer team beat Indonesia by a large margin in the first leg of the Suzuki Cup final. This is especially so when Malaysia was beaten by 5 goals to 1 earlier by Indonesia in the group stage. I am not a nationalist but the win tastes sweet nonetheless.

While I do believe that the team deserves the win — the play was surprising above the level Malaysia was typically associated with in the past — the 3-1 win in Kuala Lumpur is problematic.

Malaysian fans shot laser beam at Indonesian players. It was distracted and at some point of time, the Indonesian team rightly protested and appeared to threaten to leave the game. Indonesia certainly got off the pitch for more than 5 minutes in protest.

The Malaysian fans appeared to stop the unsportsmanlike behavior after the game resumed. It was after that the Malaysia overcame a crumbling Indonesian team.

The problem is that Indonesian fans are questioning the win, arguing that the laser beam incident somehow contributed to Malaysia’s win. In other words, Malaysia cheated.

I do not think Malaysia cheated. If I said Malaysia cheated, I would unfairly deny the effort the Malaysian players put into the game. The goals were fantastic. The first was clearly a mistake made by an Indonesia defender. He wanted the ball to go out but it did not. Malaysia capitalized on that. The second happened because Indonesia failed to mark Mohd Ashaari Shamsudin. The third was a good long pass that ended with the ball headed in. It were not just the goals that symbolize the effort. In the second half, as far as soccer layperson like me can tell, Malaysia made fantastic passes while defending excellently.

Nevertheless, I always believe the most satisfying win is one that is reasonably unquestionable. The 3-0 Malaysian win in Kuala Lumpur unfortunately is questionable.

As a result, I hold that Malaysia needs to win the second leg of the match that will be held in Jakarta. If Malaysia won the away match, then it would make the first controversial win irrelevant. A win for Malaysia in Jakarta would be satisfying and enough to silent the critics from Indonesia.

If Malaysia lost in Jakarta but won on aggregate, then Malaysia would lose morally. Even a draw for Malaysia will not do. The only way Malaysia can win the tournament as well as achieve a moral win is by defeating Indonesia on their own turf.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


My life has been in a roller coaster ride lately,
But Alhamdulillah,
I am bless enough and being guide by Him through out he way.

I have to admit,
There was a lot of ugly thoughts that passed through my head,
'I want to lock myself in my room'
'I want to run away from here'
'I want to stop socializing with my friends'
'When will I die?'

Yes, I was that depress.
And the worst part was,
I can't cry,
no matter how painful in was,
how lost I am,
I acted like everything was fine,
laugh as hard as I could but actually I was rotten inside.
I showed myself the worst of me,
and I ain't proud of that.

I was full with anger,
So full that I can't love anyone anymore,
If only I knew that anger are man eater,
Instead of liquid, I feel like Im full with anger,
Instead of skin, I feel like my biggest organ was anger,
Instaed of human, I feel like I am anger.

I stayed up that night,
thinking and wondering about how long I can last without killing myself,
because I knew I couldn't go on that way.
So I tried my best to remember the way and the side of me that I used to bring myself to where I am.
So here is my list
1. Try to think about others' side of story as well
2. Forgive and forget.
3. After every rain, there will be a beautiful rainbow
4. We are humans, just humans, with flaws.

So, Im getting better day by day.
Emotions are definitely a common visitor,
So Im training myself to get use to it.
And every time I start to lose control I remind myself that
On my way to heaven, Allah SWT wont be asking me what they did to me,
But what really matters is what I did to them.
because I realize that shitty times are the best times to show the world the best of me.

Since I've lost everything,
(at least I feel like I have)
Im going to start again at the square one,
My faith, my religion, my god.
Im turning myself to Him,
Because I believe that,
it is the only way to feel calm and happy in life.

Then, Im gonna help myself in being a better person.
A better daugther, sister,friend,leader and muslim.

Im so sorry it took me too long to collect myself together,
but please stay with me.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh December

December is a very interesting month,
It has been my favourite since forever.

So the highlights of december until today is,
I went to watch Narnia with my sisters and brother.
I was very unlucky because I sat next to Bella my eldest sister
who knows nothing about Narnia.
So instead of watching the movie,
she watch the actor's nose, cloth and food.
Like that is the movie about.
and she kept asking me to pass her food,
but you know when I watch Narnia, nothing else matters.
So ignore her haha.
But she came up with a brilliant suggestion.
Naming our next brother or sister Narnia.

Then Yesterday I went to watch a football match with Nardine and Naseem,
It was awesome,
So many hot guys, we sat a the perfect place.
I really hope there will be another football match in bukit jalil soon,
I really like live games.
The noise and the armpit smell somehow is full with, er, joy.

Who to call?

Im feeling down,
mood swing is a common visitor,
there are times when I feel I can go through this alone,
just keep smiling like I always did.
but most of the time ugly thoughts just keep taking over my mind.

I think I need to call someone.
I need to talk,
but it is written on my forehead that Im very bad at expressing my thought.
I'll end up bragging about something very boring.

That's just why I prefer to write,
emotion flow easier that way.
But a friend once told me my blog is full with emo posts,
So force myself to write in a book instead,
and that's why im thinking about turning this blog private.
because I prefer blogging.

I need somebody to listen,
I need to tell my story.
Because I've been keeping this to myself for so long.
I feel like a bomb that is about to burst.
but so scared that my friends will call me emo again.
So I plaster smiles and humour to myself,
and it feels numb.

I want call you,
but Im so scared that past becomes presents.
I dont want it to happen again.
I might not be able to handle it this time.
I dont want to run from you guys.

So im stuck at the question,
who the hell am I suspose to call?