Monday, January 10, 2011

My guess

I guess what I was trying to say in my previous post is,

For a girl,
she starts to imagine stuff,
think about stuff that is not real,
But end up being sad, happy, hopeful or mad about those stuf.

For an example,
when she start to know a guy,
She start to judge to every little things the boy does,
and jump into conclusion what type of guy the boy is.
The problem is,
You need longer than a week, a month or a year, to know someone.
And for me,
everybody is different.
There is not 'type'

Im just saying

First thing first, let me make it clear,
I am not being emotional,
I am being thoughtful and sensitive.
You know how the silent midnight air can shout the truth to you?
Well, it's 12.45 in the morning my dear readers.

I love to write, I really love to write.
And it doesn't bother if nobody is reading.
because writing my my way to understand and to gather my thoughts, opinions and feelings.

I am a girl.
Like any other girls, I tend to over think, over react, and over emotional.
But thanks to that,
we are able to fall in love with the stupidest boy alive.

I dont know what about the other girls,
but once Im in love or even have a crush on someone,
I tend to live in my imagination and fantasy world.

The world where the boy is perfect,
where you're able to make so many excuses for the boy's mistakes,
believing that he is what you think he is,
instead of what what he actually is.
Believing that he'll treat you right,
love you right.
Even if he has a heart like a devil,
It that world, I'll believe that he never meant to hurt me.
I'll give him a lot of new chances,
bcs in my imagination, we are happy together.

If and only if we are able to live in that world forever than pain wont found us,
because what really hurt is when we start to see the doors to reality,
When we realise, the boy chose to hurt us,
played with our feelings because it wont hurt him if we are hur
The excuses we've made for him is a waste of time,
The chances was a vain.
And what I hate the most is to realize,
that the boy is not the boy I thought he is.
It for me is among the most painful truth.

Once we chose to stop believing our imagination and fantasy,
We start to realize what a fool we were.
and just how we should protect ourselves more instead of protecting the relationship this is not real.
We force ourselves to move on, try to defeat time.
we should have take it easy, one step at the time, work with time.
And to move on is not about forgetting everything,
it's about having the past that doesn't effect us anymore.
but again we over think, over react and being over emotional.

And for me,
You'll get the best view of situation, when you are not in the situation.
Listen to what others have to say, and stop making excuse for the boy.
But most importantly, listen to you heart,
because it will tell you when will enough be enough.

Im just saying,
Every girl hope for a boy to fall in love with,
to laugh with, to trust too.
To feel safe with, to have a deep conversation with.
To have nice happy ending with.

But most of the time,
it only happens in our head.
but we'll survive.
Believe in Allah,
Belive that He knows what's the best for us :)
A women's heart is like a deep ocean

Ice Skating

I have a lot to tell about my life,
Being free from any responsibilities allows me to create a lot of problems,
But of course I end up hurting myself,

I sprained my ankle,
After I felt so hard during Ice skating.

Hoho, I've been doing a lot of things for the last few weeks,
Went to Sunway Lagoon with my family,
Rock Climbing with my friends,
Ide Skating with my cousins.
I've plotted a lot of interesting blog in my head,
But, tahu lah nadira,
Bila tak tulis, terus lupaaa.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

One day

Once Im rich,
When I can afford to buy anything I want and everthing everyone wants,
Have my own bank,
Able to fly everyday, everywhere because I have private planes for everyone I know.
Get lost in my own home,
Sweating by just walking form my room to the front door, because my house is too big.
Burn my cars because I dont know where to put them since I have thousand of them already
Have my chicken cooked with gold dressing,
Buy a house for my chocolates and favourite cookies ,

I'll buy this dress for Fatihin:)

I love these kind of picture

Im loving the second page, so truee

Haha, no 1, 6,9, 13.

I disagree

I think everyone has felt this at least once in their life,
When anger take over their mind, behavior and themselves,

I totally disagree with the saying
'Sometimes, anger helps you to live you life, move on'

From my eyes,
from my story,
anger will just make it harder to live.
It'll make hard to even breath, think especially love.

And to neutralize the anger,
you need to forgive.
I know it is not easy,
but Im not telling you to forget,
just forgive.
It is way easier than having a heart that is full with anger.

Then, you'll see the beauty of life,
the joy of living.
and you'll understand more about loving someone :)

Some may forget that anger is so also pain
So, I say no to anger :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My thing yaww

Since football session has finally over,

For Harimau Malaya I mean,
Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man. Utd, tu lain lah ye kak,

Anyways, it's about badminton nowadays,
about our popular coach Misbun sent his resign letter,
and Lee Chong Wei is about to follow his step,
Hmm, I dont really get the story,
But I think it's a waste,
I mean both of them has contribute a lot to our country,
but they have the right to choose their path in life.

Anyways, eventhough I am a very busy women right now,
Penternak lemak yg berjaya,
I get myself a new thing,
I stalk.
hohoho, I feel like I've just tell the world that I am a dreadful killer.

Anyhow, I love to linger in blogs and tumblr,
I love bloggers,
Especially local Malaysian blogger,
that gives a lot of tutorial about how tho wear hijab or selendang,
because like them,
I love to change the wear I wear hijab,
Based on my mood

So I recently found these blogs,
Maria - She is very funny, and I love her styles, just she is able to turn a simple outfit to a coolio one
Fatin Liyana - She is one of the top ten most popular blogger in Malaysia, and she's pretty
Proudduck - If you're not wearing hijab, I think you should really try this.
Tolongjangan - Just one of my fav. tumblr right after nadia's

So go read their blogs, Dont waste your time on mine -________-

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Birthday Bash!!!

It's my babygirl's birthday!

She loves purple, butterflies, and 22.
She loves cooking and, er, kak nani.

But everyone loves her!
Im so sorry, Im not in my lovy-dovy mood,
but you know how important you are already dont you?
You may not realize this but,
You're like the first person everybody turns too,
And the first shoulder I cried on was yours,
Im going live another 70 years of my life remembering that.

Im blessed to have you as my friend,
I've not been a very good friend to you,
Im sorry but,
I wont trade you for anything else in this world

I want to be your friend even when we hit 60,
I still want to turn to you even if I have a husband,
I want to teach my children that they should find a friend like you.
xx Nur Fatihin binti Rashid :)

this reminds me of you,
just how you think all of you friends are annoying,
haha, xx

Back then.

Okay, you can skip this post because it's gonna be an emo one.

When, I was about 14,
I pity those people who paid for others the listen to their problems.
I remember thinking,
those who goes to those for er, therapy session,
with hmm, okay I dont know how to explain.

Have you seen freaky friday?
The mother, who get pay to hear peoples problem,
let's call her job as guheri,
Since I dont know what is the real name.

Okay, I remember thinking,
People who goes to guheri must have no friends,
must have a very pitiful life,
nobody to turn to,
nobody to trust.
Because they are telling and paying strangers to listen to their pain.

But now, Im really need a guheri,
I am more than happy to pay anyone with all the money I got,
To just listen to my problems,
Without judging me,
Without taking sides,
Without arguing with me,
and blame me for my mistakes.

I've never feel so lost before.
I am emotionally so tired
to find a way to restart myself,

And the old trick doesnt work anymore