Monday, March 28, 2011


Yeay! At last, these are mine!
I wanted to buy these since last month,
But, I've spent all of my money on the phone, hehehe

Hihihi, as soon as I receive the money from abah sir and pok li,
These shoes come into my mind,
'I have to buy the shoes tomorrow'

So as soon as I finish work today,
I force ira to follow me to isetan,
I feel bad though, bcs she was in hurry,
Hihi, I lurvee you.
I couldn't take solehah with me,
Since she was going to a date with uncle Daniel, her neighbour,
Lolz, she's funny.

It took me a while though,
To really buy these since I'm not use to buying expensive stuff,
But, if there's a will, there's a way.
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

SBS Jogathon

26/3/2011, saturday.

Our school, SBS had a jogathon day,
It is something like hari kantin+merentas desa,
There were so many activities,
Like paintball, SBS got talent, rumah hantu, edu fair, football match and so many other activities that I don't know.

So, after 3 months,
we finally went back there,
it's was nice
and hot, smelly and sweaty, lolz.
I finally get to meet my teachers and thanks them,
Since they were so busy on the result day.

Overall it was a nice day,
met exschoolmate,
It feels weird though,
Wacthing everyone else wearing uniform and I don't,
And surprisingly, that place doesn't feel like home anymore.
Still, I had fun :)

Motor kawasaki favourite pengetuaa, haha.

Bila tuan motor pandang, haha.
Farid mana kesah kan farid? ada awek pegang motor, lololol

Bangga gilaaa, selepas hampir sejam dibwh matahari terik, hasilnya agak cantik, lol

That's my youngest brother, Naseem, Acim, Cimpo

hihi, that's ni legs, I didn't realise it was in the picture until the picture is taken.

We didn't join anything,
Except for the boys, they joined the football match with some club.
As for the girls, We used up the time to catch up with each other
and simply, drown in our own thoughts.

Then, me, Nadia, imran, asif, and azman went to visit syamir at HUKM,
He got admitted last wednesday,
few hours bfr result SPM,
due to dehydration that effected his kidney,
anywys, he was fine already.

Syamir malu malu kucing tamo ambik gambar, hap-puihh, hahaha

Bongok gila dorg ni, lawat org sakit tapi borak sesama sendiri, kesian syamir, lol

After lunch, Imran sent us all home.

What I realise today is,
Nadia and Imran is the cutest couple I've known,
I like they way they fight,
the way they tumbuktumbuk each other,
calling each other bodoh, banggang.
But in a very cute way :)

I so happy for both of them,
especially you Nadia,
You're a lucky girl :)

Weh bila kau nk cari boyfriend?

I don't know whether it's me, or them,
All that I'm sure of,
It's not the right time.

Of course, there are times when I have thoughts like,
"Ohh, I wish I could message someone right now, I'm bored"
"Haih, kalau ada boyfriend kan best"
"Homai, comelnya couple tu, hihi, jelesnyaaaaaaaaaa"

But I'm adapting with this new life.
I don't want to start it with something I'm not sure of.
I couldn't start take that risk.
So I need a strong start by myself.

I know if I have a boyfriend right now,
He will be my everything,
Since I'm so lonely right now,
It scared me that I might depend on someone so much,

So, not now.
I am both not ready and refuse.

Tp, mmg tada org nk pun, lololol.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Result SPM

I am mentally so tired,
but I have to write,
while it's still fresh.

Honestly, I was not scared at all yesterday,
I was excited last week.
I mean,
I just wanted it be over,
after 3 months of waiting.

But what I had in mind was 3a's

but when I woke up this morning,
I couldn't get up from bed,
After subuh, I went straight to bed and I was numb,
I hide under my blanket and close my eyes shut.

I couldn't sleep but I was to scared to open my eyes,
I know dramatic much,
but then my abah came and pull me out of bed,
he said that he is so excited and he wants to be there early.
haih, nasib aku sayang.

I wore the outfit that I wore 3 days ago,
the ones that I forgot to put into washing machine,
so, yeah, I wore a very lousy outfits.

Once I reach school, it was nice, to finally meet everyone again,
But it was so scary as well.

then they announced the students that gets straight A's,
I waited, but it was a no for me,
I was, not-yet-dissapointed.
All that I could think about was,

Last2 dpt 7A 2B,
Alhamdulillah, but at first I cried so hard,
I dont understand why either,
I think I was just so shocked+grateful+frustrated.

Then we (nadia, ayiesha, eldyia, fatihin) went to redbox,
to shout it all off.

While 5 of us was singing,
Muna, Phillip, Eric Sayang, and a lot more came in.
We sang what's my name-rihanna,
and then they left.

After that, we sing, shout, dance it all off,
all the frustration, disappointment, and fear.

I was keeping it all inside,
the fact that I missed cumi so bad,
I kept on looking at my phone,
reminding myself not to call her,
but I broke down in redbox.
I swear I almost heard she should
"congrats dikra! nanti cumi kasi hadiah"

Everything went well.

About my result,
that would be in another post,
as for now,
i am just so tired.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

How did we get here?

I swear if we do what we did yesterday when we were 13,
We would be cursing at ourselves,
Shouting here and there,
'Ewwww', is the perfect word.

But aren't we the happiest friends yesterday?
I mean, now they're us,
And we're them.

So lesson learnt,
Do not judge people without knowing them.

Loves xx

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Just, jangan.

Jangan bagi aku false hope,
Jangan tipu,
Jangan main-main,
Jangan tipu.

Im not in one piece yet.
Thank you :)

Hello, nak gaduh tak?

Hello, you wanna fight?
Lu tau ak wa gangster?

Ehe ehe ehe,
After school,
Im surprise by just how much I've change,
I can't say better, but I believe wiser.

I tend to thing in a different way,
I am now someone who bends with life,
I, I know don't who I am,
not in a bad way,
just I can't decide who I want to be anymore, life does.

Nyways, once in a while,
I'm back to myself,
The I-couldn't-care-less-about-what-you-think girl,

Do you know, I, among all the things, hate rules the most?
Im the girl who skip class to look at twin tower and sky form the corridor,
Im the girl who think that I can fly and jump at the staircase at school,
Im the girl sing with eric, my sayang, along the corridor,dancing and jumping around freely,
Im the girl who, hmm, I can go on and on about just how carefree I was.

Hmm, beautiful days.
But now,
I'm no longer that girl,
I'm scared of risk,
Rule is my bestfriend,
and I dont protest or fight anymore,
Hmm, maybe Im getting older or maybe Im just still broken

A prove of just how crazy I was

Yang ni paling byk memory. Hahaha,

Just in case you got me wrong,
Im not complaining

Ice Skating!!

Mastermind, farid, the man in black.
Dia yg nak sgt ice skating ni, gay shiarlzz, lol.
Farid, serious doh, kau kena belajar senyum.

Johan dgn alif merajuk tak dpt ddk depan, alololo.

I was being careful,
so I snap this just in case we forgot where we park the car.
Well, I dont want to lost the car and walk myself home.
Tapi dorg semua tak kasi,
Konon abg macho ingat parking kereta kat manaa -___--

37 vs 48. haha, kaki rezza bapak jin : O

Paling sayang dlm dunia, Elydia Edith Zaki.
Lama gila dah tak jumpa akak cantik ni,
hihi, last time jumpa masa kita pergi zoo dulu,
haih, she's like my perfect get away.

Kaki sorg sorg, pehh.


Hihihi, tak tahu dorg ni minum susu apa masa kecik sampai jadi tgi cam ni.
PS/ I know we look so rempit-ish in this picture,
Senarnyaa, kami lah rempit sejatieeeiiiee.
Hahaha, lampu aa bro, buat leher rezza nmpk panjang, rambut farid nmpk pelik, azman punya hidung nmpk panjang,
hahahaha, alololo, sayang korg :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Walking to the past

Hari ni habis kerja pukul 6,
But mama was working extra hours,
so I decided to wait for her.

Have you ever let you legs lead the way?
after sending my friends to the bus station,
I had no direction at all,
but I know I wanted to walk,
So I walked, walked, walked.

For all I know,
I was right in front of KLCC park mosque,
I was amazed by it's beauty, cantik nak matii,
lagi bila maghrib, awan warna romantik.
Rasa mcm heaven on earth.
Pastu tgk jam menara maxis,
7.26, hmm, excited gila nak try sembahyg kat masjid, heaven on earth ni.

Lama gila dah tak sembahyang jemaah,
teringat bula puasa, terawih.
Haih, normal lah org skrg,
nak tunggu ramadan baru nak pergi surau.
haish, rasa bersalahhh.

Nywys, I actually wanted to blog about teenagers,
atau lebih mudah 'budak-budak baru nak up'

It's Wednesday,
and it's school holiday,
It has been a very old-kl-tradition for teenagers to 'turun kl' on days like today.
So, during my lunch time or after my working hours,
bersepah gangs, group, clicks, whatever you call yourself around kl,
and the fact that my office is beside pavilion is not helping//

I can't really remember what I was thinking when I was at their age,
So I can't really understand why are they behaving that way.

After maghrib, I spend my time wondering around KLCC park,
Bila matahari turun,
dalam taman indah,
banyak lah kumbang cari bunga.
hahaha, okay, not fani,

I mean,
do you really have to show all of that, or those?
do you really, really, really, need to do that in public?
do you think you're whole life people will be saying,
'weh cool gila doh kau smoke!'
'Gila aa weh, nmpk mcm kau tak pakai seluar doh, hot gilaa!'
' 'pant*t, p*kimak, m*ther f, sh*t' cool en aku mencarut in public?'

My point is, kids,
Right now you're at the age where you're adapting with the culture around you,
trying to be known (popular aa senang citaa)
trying to be different,
trying to search for who you really are.

I can understand the fact that at your age you can be super lame, hahaha,
but please dont be stupid :)

Please learn the thin line between being hot and cheap,
Trust me, you have a long way to go,
Plus, you can't, like, use up all of your weapon in just one battle?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

square 3

This time, I'm writing about me and myself.

I got my driving licence already,

I'm still by myself,
Single, in another word.

I won't lie,
There are times when I feel alone, lonely.
Envy my happy friends.
Don't get me wrong,
I'm happy for them, as happy as a friend can be,

I end up mixing up mu feelins,
I force myself to believe that I'm in love with some guy I just get know.
But along the way I realise,

I prefer to be by myself.
Im just so scared to fall in love again,
So for now, I'm not ready to be in a relationship
For now, please try again next week,

Square 2

Now, I would like to write about my work,

I got a job at IDC last january,
It is a good, nice job.
I love it because of the people,
they are all very friendly people,
We have about 7 malaysian,
10 philipines,
and 5 indonesian.

I really love them all,
My work itself is very stressful,
it can be very boring at times,
but I just can stop because I love going to KL everday,
I love to variety choices of place that I can choose to go for lunch,
I love the working culture.

And most important reason,
working has made my relationship with my mother grew closer.

Some picture of mah working place yo

Monday, March 14, 2011

Square 1

Im gonna start with Cumi,
My cumi, Romieza Osman died on 29th january 2011,
11.25 a.m. at subang medical center.

I just love the way she can smile all the way till the end,
I can't never forget our final goodbye,
I am very lucky and grateful that we had that goodbye,
I had to chance to asked for her forgiveness and tell her that I love her,
and I will never forget the way she said,
'Dikra, kalau lepas ni, kita tak jumpa lagi dah, tapaa, nanti kita jumpa balik :)'

Everything went very smooth,
We send her back to kelantan,
to place her there, just as she wanted.

Im so happy that I get to know her,
With no doubt,
she makes me a better person.
Im so proud be to her niece.

Im back

I did some thinking late, should I delete this blog, since I dnt really have time for blogging anymore,
But, hmm, I decide to just keep it,
with or without readers :)