Monday, April 25, 2011

Office life

Hello loves :)

I know I didn't update my blog for a very very very long time,
I've been so busy, sorry.
Not that you missed me, I know. Lolz.

Okay, nowadays, my life only happens in the IDC,
yes, from 9 to 5,
then I went back home and i am too tired to do anything,
to even help my mother with the house chores.
So I dont even have time to online or any social life.
I know, Im sorry loved ones,
I didn't mean to ditch anyone.

Worst, I can't even enjoy my weekend,
I have so many to do,
I mean last few weeks I had to follow my sister, awine, to go shopping for her new school.
Oh, yes, Awine was accepted to MOZAC.

But, nywys, yeah, I miss my old life,
I miss my friends, and weird, I miss my family.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Don't waste your time, xx

I am currently working, haha, so yes this is a haram post.

Well, my boss strictly said, no facebook during office hour,
but she said nothing about blog. Hmm, haha, ok ok, screw that, she has my blog url.

Anyways, I have nothing to do now,
so I decide to blog,
what should I blog about?

Okay, at my work place,
I had a huge crush on this one guy,
I can't remember what his name, but yeah, I liked him.
haha, he is just such a sweetheart,
gentlemen gilaaa, and he has the look as well.
Tapi dia dah stop, so, bye bye good-boy.
But I met him at red box yesterday,
still sizzling hot, hehe, he still remembers me :)

And, we had a few more new guys here,
I have to admit,
I thought I like one of them,
but, after a while,
I realize, I was just feeling lonely,
so I had it all mixed up,
so right now, I am all for myself,
I dont have any crush on anyone.

Oh yes, you've just wasted 3 minutes of your time to read this blog,
bye loves