Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last report

It's 6.52 am,
I meed to get going already,
PLKN awaits,

Right now,
Im feeling excited, and quite sad,
I've never leave my home,
never been away from my mother,

But I know this is the beginning of my journey,
Im gonna stand on my own feet now.

Hihi, Okay, since im going already,
I would like to ask for forgiveness from everyone.
I truly, am sorry if I've done you wrong.
Forgive me and I've forgive everyone who has done me wrong,
Even things that I dont know.

Be Well, till then :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am not racist

I got an email,
I thought it is just such a good joke,
I want to post it in my blog,
this is strictly for fun,
I dont mean to offend anyone.

A Pakistani Boy Got Admission In An American School.

Teacher: What's Your Name ?
Boy: Ahmad
Teacher: No, now you are in America. Your name is Johnny from today.
Went Home.)
Mom Asked: How was the day, Ahmad?
Boy : I'm an American... now call me, "Johnny".

Mom & Dad both got offended and beat the boy up. Next day he went back
school with all bruised.

Teacher: What happened to you, Johnny?
Boy: Ma'am, just 4 hours after I became American... I was attacked by

It's a very stupid one, right?

Monday, May 9, 2011


Again, we are at the T-junction.
We cant make any U-turn,
and in this path,
there is no more going forward.

We need to choose pour own path now.
Which is scary.
Our path,
might not be the same anymore.

Hmm, anyways,
I got myself the course that I want,
At UiTM seri Iskandar Perak.
Off I go.

This scares me,
I've never thought what I dream about is one step closer,
I can't believe im really gonna be a architect,
if I graduate of course.

I remember calling my physics tuition teacher,
to inform hima bout my SPM result,
and I wish to continue in architecture,
he's an engineer you see,
I remember he said,
'aahh, Im starting a new project, too bad you're 6 years late'
Wait for me, I'll catch up.

Somewhere in Between

There's a lot this is happening in my life lately,
but I need the mood to blog about it,
and now is not the time.

What I want, need to write about right now is, BB.

I dot know what are we.
But I really dont want to go through this emotional battle twice,
so stop being so nice to me,
I might get it all mixed up again.

I love you but I love us more,
I know that sounds selfish,
if we could stay like this,
then I think we could be forever,
without having to be together,
but we still have each other.

So lets just stop,
right now.

Our friendship is not a game

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Im Bored

Perbincangan komsas kita hari ini kanak-kanak,

Tema :
Persahabatan di antara lelaki dan perempuan.

Persoalan :
1.Persahabatan yang berlainan jantina akan mengudang perasaan cinta
2.Laluan liku apabila menyimpan perasaan terhadap rakan baik.

Nilai-nilai murni:
Hargai dan hormati perasan rakan.

Pengunaan Peribahasa:
1.Jangan bermain dengan api
2.Kalau tidak mahu dilambung ombak, jangan berumah di tepi pantai
3.Sediakan payung sebelum hujan.

Hmm, yang ini aku tak tahu nak tulis apa.