Tuesday, August 9, 2011


And so, me & Naseem watched Kami The Movie just now,
a long lost favourite movie,
Ohh, it was nice.
Well written story.

But im having a emotional battle right now,
because the story made me realise,
just how much I misses my girls, my friends.

I know they all have new commitment now,
We're all have different path.
And maybe they're just too busy to be affected by our memories,
But, I really do miss them.

the main reason Im posting is because,
Naseem kinda made some relations between the characters in Kami,
with the characters we have in TBOF.

He said
Sofie= Ayiesha, like duuhh, there's no need of explanation on that.
Ali = Fatihin, well according to Naseem, Fthn is the most matured one, and the one who is handling everyone's problem.
Adi =, the most boyish one, and the one who loves to go for online dating, (well,this is according to me, and this is who she was years ago)
Lin = Me, nadira. Well this is just bcs of the lips. Kuajo btl bdk tu
Abu =Lydia, for her ability to make jokes in any situation.

Hmm, apparently, Im missing you guys too badly. Be back faster.

Monday, August 8, 2011

It's a sad night

Hi, I know I haven't blog for some time.
But I've lost track, and I dont know wear to start.
There's too many things that have happened.
I got back from plkn,
Nardine is gone to indonesia to pursue her passion for medic,
and I couldnt contact my fiends anymore,
hahhaha, kk, well, see there's tons of things that I would love to write.
I'll try when I have the mood.

You know, when I was in PLKN,
I realize, how naive I was and still am.
I remember being so sure about so many things,
but I am not anymore,
because when I seems to understand something,
I am wrong.

So, I dont know how to write anymore,
because I dont have any fix point of view.

Deary Kah Ee

Hihihi, I know you have a lot more pretty pictures, but im taking this one, because, I really miss this photographer of mine, xx

It's your birthday and I would love to celebrate it with you like we did for the past 11 years,
But we both know that same things have changed but, luckily our friendship remains the same.
I really mean it when I say, you're are the sweetest girl.
I am blessed to grow up with you.

Oh, honestly, I think one of the best part of editorial board last year for me is having to spend more time with you :)
I love you, and I hope that our friendship will last till the end of time.
I love the times when we act all crazy and had our secret jokes at the corner of that makmal,
Or how well you organised our photoshoot day,
Or when we secretly go to the canteen while others are working their ass off in the makmal.
How, you, me & eric would dance and sing our heart out in front of cendana and ran when Ms. Parimala sees us.
Haha, good old times.

I still dont know how you manage to have such a make over on yourself,
(hahaha, you're still my idol)
But you're a beautiful grown up girl now,
take a good care of yourself alrighttt?
& you deserve the best guy.
So dont let those crappy ones hurt you.

Happy birthday,
Go out and have a blast,
I hope you get all the good things in life,
I love you deary kah ee