Friday, October 28, 2011


Im back pipol (!!)

Well, thanks to PTPTN,
Kalau tak, tadanyaa dpt balik.

as soon as I reach KL,
Razin, being a sweetheart,
make his way to my house to pick me up to meet up.

I called Asif & Nadia,
Since we'll be hanging out around their place.

So we did some catching up,
It was refreshing to sit with some old friends,
Talk about the past
and stop thinking about present for a while

Well this is Razin Ashraf,
Org tua minum teh panas,
Org muda Teh O ais Laici ;)

 Nadia Nadhira.
Dulu kita ni bayangbayang masingmasing
Pergi memana togedergeder

Asif, my very own Laling.

Ahh, Refreshing!


''Muni, I think, right now, I can write a very very long essay on disappointments'

I dont even know where to start.

Let's start with my first day being your leader.
Do remember I serious I was?
I was strict, serious, and far from warm.

But as days goes by,
I realise what an amazing people you guys are,
It will be a waste not to be friend with everyone.

Slowly, I becoming more of a friend than a leader,
with the hope that maybe,
I could be both, and still work together smoothly.

But during archisport,
You prove me wrong,
The commitments and respect that you showed as as thin as our unity.

But I excuse you,
because it was our first time working together,
I give you rooms for improvements.

Yesterday, after architalk.
You shocked me by showing me how bad I did as a leader.
Taking my efforts for granted,
Living in your own way,
you choose to ignore and neglect the orders.

You make me look useless in front of the seniors,
You laugh at my anger and you dont even feel the need to apologize,
Even if it's not to me, at least for those who took the blame.

I thought about stepping down,
letting go of this stress & depressions that I dont get any benefits from.

But, unfortunately, that's not how I roll.
I'll finish what I've started. 
I'll go only when you dont want me anymore.
Till then, I'll keep on trying,

As for you, I hope you'll realize,
how hard is it to fight the flow,
and how fun it will be to just love and unite.

Some might be mad,
Telling me if I were a friend,
I would cover it up for you.

Try to see in from my view,
You're not being a good friend either,
for not letting me be a leader.

I am beyond disappointed,
I thought we were better than this,
I thought we were a team,
But obviously we're not,
We're going on our own way.

I'll turn back to the old me.
Because if this is how you define friendship,
I would rather be a leader than a friend.

But there's a long way to go,
This is not the end,
because no matter how ignorant you are,
how little respect you've showed.

I can still treasure and love you <3
Let's work this thing out

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hmm, yeah, how I wish. 
Someday I need to come back,
and it will be worse

Hahaha, dont wait hun,

Fun are dangerous. 
Be careful :)

It helps when Im depress,
when Im angry,
Giggling is always the best medicine

How I wish

I have to admit,
there are times when I miss playing with my hair.
Wondering whether I want to tie it up or let fall.
Let it fall on my face while talking. 

The temptation to wear those cloths,
hairbands and ribbons.
Are, hmm, you can't imagine,
Hmm, but I would never take off my hijab.
I know, it's worth it,

OH, my fav.
We had a lot of road trips already.
On the first week, we went to Ipoh,
Then, Lata kinjang.
It was awesome.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bumpy Ride

*Drum rolls*

Credit to = Futsal :)


Don't Fall