Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You have no idea

A wise woman once say this to me.

'You're first idea is the best idea. Stick with that, but search for more'

So Im gonna write it now,
while it is still fresh.


It started with,
Along sent me to LRT Jelatek,
Im so sorry for the traffic you had to go through.
Then off I go to KL Central,
At where I found my 2 new babies

Oh, this one, it's fully silk, 
Can you imagine just how comfortable it is,
hihihi, me love!

This one, hmm, it do cost a little less than it look,
but the quality is as bad.
hahaha, I was very clumsy on the escalator,
and ends up losing some of the manik

Then, I make my way to... wait for it....IDC!
Hohohohoho, my forever favorite playground.
hahaha, ok ok, for those of you who dont know IDC,
My first jod is in IDC (International Data Coorperation).

There, I met this awesome people,
Kak Suraya, Kak Fazrin, A'in, & Solehah.
Whom made my day yesterday.

We was actually celebrating Kak Fazrin's birthday.
Ok, pe lagi karaoke laaa.
Haha, we went to redbox low yat,
It's my first time there.
It is so much cheaper than Red Box Pavilion,
But it is not bad at all.
The people are x600 time friendlier.

I sang my wajib song lah,
mcm best thing I've never had, listen, angel's cry, broken hearted girl.
But they laugh at me through at the song,
The only song I manage so finish is broken hearted girl,
tu pun dah susah payah. hahaha -________---
Nasib baik sayang.

Here's a video,
and off I go!
Arios :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Make Up

Some peole might over do it,
Some can use a little bit more of it.

But why do women put on make ups?
I've once read a quote saying

"Women are attracted to promises while, men are attracted to beauty, 
that's why women put up on make up while men put up on lies''

Which I think explains a few things,

I know some of you might not like people with make up.
But at least show some sense of appreciation.
That poor lady is trying.


This is how I describe love.

It's hard but fun at the same time.
It's depressing because it will never live your mind.
It doesn't really treat you right all the time,
but you want to spend your whole life with it/ him or her.

So the love of my life is archi ;)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Double A

Im listening to these 2 song right now :

1. The man who can't be move - The Script
2. Best thing I never had - Beyonce

Which both brings me back to you.

At some point,
I believes that I could love you forever,

But on the second thought,
I believes that I've never really love you.
Maybe because you've hurt me too bad.
Or maybe because I was just being greedy and I just want you.
Without really love you.

Buy either way,
You're the first guy,
That I could imagine myself being with.
And so far you're the only one.

I dont know whether I want you back or not.
Big chance, no.

But if I could turn back the time,
And have the old you,
the guy that I thought you are,
I would with no doubt love you all my whole life.

But too bad,
You're not the guy I thought you are.
You left.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Asif Oh Asif

Aku eksited sgt sampai aku koyak ni, hihi.

seriously, thank you so much!!
Terharu x112354168432106546.

Aku memain je bila mintak
(buat muka)
Aku tgh ckp dgn nenek aku tau masa kau dtg,
Aku tak tahu pulak kau kat luar,
bila aku letak telefon,
baru adik aku bagitahu kau ada kat luar.

So cecepat la aku tukar baju.
Tgk tgk, kereta kau dah jalan.
Pastu baru ayah aku kasi cupcakes tu.

Mak aku suka gilaaa!
Dia nak makan semuaaa.
LOL, so maknanya,
satu rumah aku suka kau dgn mak kau !

Thanks Laling!
BFF la kita. haha.


I dont know why,
nowadays, all the prediction that they have in facebook, like anita's prediction, always comments about my love life.

I mean

There a lot other important things that are happening in my life right now,
++ I dont even have a boyfriend or anything close to that!

I dont really need a guy right now.
I need to get use to being on my own in this place,
I want adjust myself and be independent.

So, right now, I don't seek love.
But when the time come, InsayAllah. :)

& when the time comes,
I'll love him all my life,
like how my mother loves my father,
how my grandmother cares for my grandfather.

Just a simple thank you

I just got back from Tesco with my mother.
I am seriously annoyed with some Malaysian who just dont know how to say thank you.

Why is it so hard?
Seriously bro, you wont lose anything by saying thank you.
In fact, it makes you look pretty well educated.

For example:
1. There's this one lady who asked for more stock of rice. That poor worker when all the way just to find you another pack of rick and you take it, walk away, showing any sign of appreciation.
Aiyo lady!
I know that he's a worker but that's his job.
But do you know that it's very easy for him to say lie to you by saying that they have run out of stock,
and save him all the trouble.
A simple smile would make him fell that what he have done is worth it.

2. There's this one kid who picked up an apple that fell from this man's trolley,
and he didn't even say thank you.
because you're older?
because when you say thank you that kid wont respect you any more?
There's no such thing la deyy.
Maybe for you it is not a big thing, but you are actually injecting a virus in our culture. There are a big tendency that the kid will grew up being like you. Disable in showing appreciation.
 So, at your age, you should have known better, be wise :)

A simple smile would do,
but a simple thank you wouldn't hurt too :)

Or at least, do this :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Because God wants me to carry on

I dont know what my destiny is,
but I really want this,
more than I've ever wanted anything else.

Sometimes I stumble,
Sometimes I fall,
But please Ya Allah,
Let me carry on.

Because I have to admit,
It is so much harder than I thought,
But if You, Ya Allah, believes in me,
I'll put faith in myself as well.

Because as long as I remember this has always been my dream