Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Studio Life

We got the studio for less than a week.
But I really love it.
I know it is so small for 60 people,
and we have to clean  and rearrange the table very often,
because we're having our class at the same place, same table.

But anyways,
I really love it.
I guess because it is so small we all get real close,

Those who have never talk before,
Hangs around together,
Those that never laugh,
crack the funniest random jokes.

We tend to get closer but trying to move away,
hahaha, I mean, it can be quite annoying when you have 5 different type, language & genre of song injust 1 small room with 60 people,
sorg nak pasang korea,
sorg nak rock kapak,
sorg nak bieber,
sorg nak avenge sevenfold,
mmg payah weh.

But I wouldnt trade it with anything else,

I love just the way it is :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Luahan perasaan

I used to write everyday,
Thats my way of thinking, by writing,
but now, I really have no time no more.

Now, when I think of blogging,
my fingers starts to press the keyboard at one time,
haha, there is just too many things that is happening,
So many changes, in fact nothing is the same anymore.

Thus the summary of it is,
I have finally adapt with this place,
right after archiday,
Im getting attached with it in fact.
Im guessing that it is the effect of that smelly water that threw to us.

I still dont what how to describe this event,
but it is something like, an faculty event.
It is tiring, fun and an emotional battle in one shot.
But I learnt a lot,
I learn that I really love wires,
& not to depend on anyone,
If I want it, I have to do it myself.
Oh & do not sacrifice anything is you're heart tell you not to.

Hmm, what else,
Oh, I get to meet my girlfriends every month now,
hahaha, it is amazing that tugh we have different life now,
We can still sit, talk and make silly jokes like we were still in high school,
TBOF. All that is left to do is now, 
ice skating & rock climbing.

Oh finally, I realise that all my design are related to superheroes.
Hmm, maybe because Im one of them ;)
Oh, okay, I hate long post,
Till then, Loves :)