Monday, April 30, 2012

Gilmore Girls

I went out my with last saturday,
With my girls,
Who is.
 She's as retard as you see here

The brave one

The nice one

So, we went to klcc for AVENGERS!
But we "accidently" bought 2 extra tickets,
which we find it quite a waste to burn it like that,
So Z, the brave one,
Asked a couple that was queuing up to buy the ticket from us,
*pheww, saved the extra RM 8 from jumping out of my pocket*

But then we realise, 
We'll be watching the movie with them! Awkward! 
So we ran from the entrance of the cinema to the hall,
because none of want to give up and sit beside the couple.
But of Y, the nice one, volunteer, haha.

Ze Ladies.

Avengers was awesome, beyond word.
But then we go straight to Kino,
For this section 

The comics section!
Where N when hyper and get all excited about. -.-

Oh please, 
for my birthday, 
pretty please. 
Hahaha :D

Okay, here come the real story,
After Kino we went to Uniqlo ,
There was a lady that was choosing  the clothes  beside me,
At first it was okay, but then she gets really close,
I walk away because it gets really annoying.

Then, we moved to the second store,
While me  & Z was talking to the promoter,
N & Y ran towards us,
They were screaming and was very scared. 
N said that there was a lady that has been following us from Uniqlo,
To calm them down we went into the third store.

But before N could tell us anything,
I saw the lady that has been following us walk into the store,
Four of us freeze and just stare.

After  a few moment,
There was  another lady that shouted,
The lady ran out for exist.

But that lady  chase her and grab her hands,
then shout for security .
Then we realise, the lady  was trying to pick pocket.

At first she insisted that she's innocent,
but the lady said she saw her hand inside her bag.

This is when  Z, the brave one, came into action,
She actually reported  that the lady has been following us from the first store,
and in the second store  she tried to open N's bag.

It was chaotic for awhile, until the security took the lady away.
Fuhh, that was close. 
So on that day, instead of handling BERSIH,
We handled pick pockets -.-

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Im a doney

Yay! Im done with individual planes.
I took me around 5 hours to finish this up,

With the help of avatar & narnia of course!
Hahaha, alhamdulillah :)


what is it?
Is it a form of energy, or a thought, or a feeling?

For me,
It's like a wind.
If you're lucky,
It will hit you,
but not for long,
You need to run and chase it,
So, you'll feel the wind.
As the runs get faster,
The wind get stronger.

The harder you work for it,
the stronger your iman gets.

The real issue is,
How to keep your iman consistance?

I made a reminder to myself,
Do not judge Allah's strength by the amount of pain your in.
Dont just look for Him, and think of Him only when you're in pain.
He's always there.

Iman is actually very important.
An organ that you cant see,
That keep you functioning as a muslim.
The only thing that you can own in this life and the lifeafter.

But people tend to take it for granted.
Wait for it to come.
Tunggu tua.
Orang kata

Ustaz Azhar Idrus once said,
Org skrg berebut-rebut nak cari jodoh,
Padahal semua tahu jodoh sememangnya akan datang bila tiba masanya.

Tapi tak ramai yg nak cari iman,
Padahal iman itu tidak akan datang kalau kita tak cari.

Well said.

InsyaAllah, we'll be able to hold our iman. Amin

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Finally, my destiny can begin,
Finally, now my life doesnt seem so bad,

Okay that was not me,
it was fergie in her finally song, 

Finally we're done!
For the last 3 days,
Me and my group mates, Muni, Nise, Shey & Fifi,
have been doing our planes facade project.

Im travelling back and forth 
from ampang to subang for 3 days,
it is finally over!


Every single plane was paste with love by Nisa, Fifi & Muni

We didnt get to finish it,
we had enough and decided to continue in Perak :I

Well Fifi's room are usually clean and shinny,
Im so sorry Pi!
I'll clean our room until the semester ends :D

Im just happy that I finally get to stay at home, enjoying this holiday.

Move on to our mood box project!

Pepustakaan Raja Uda

It was a looongg daaayyy.
I went all the day to shah alam yesterday,
to have some discussion with my construction technology group,

but the library over there,
fuhh, is already in my imagination of how heaven feels like.

Well the library was beside a huge lake 

My savior of the day,
amirah asyeeqin!

A wonderful sit facing the lake

My dedicated groupmates
Oh, + the computer over there is all imac.
*puke rainbows*

And this is actually a library

The books are complete & awesome!

I could actually imagine myself growing old here!

Too bad I cant stay there forever:(

Me love

I was during so project just now,
It's getting late,
and bored of listening to the radio.

So i wondered around in youtube,
and I found my all time favourite,
mat lutfi and zizan!

Now, Im wide awake,
thanks to these to awesome guys!
I think you should watch it too :D

Super Spontan Ombak Rindu
My favourite video from mat lufti :D

Well guys,
What im trying to say is,
If you're getting sleepy,
but you need to stay awake.

Try listening to jokes :D

Adult's playground

I dont know what to write about love, it is never my specialty,
But I writes about feelings.
Which I happen to have some experience in.

It is the foundation of every dreams and feelings.
But people tends to play with it sometimes,
By promises are made to be broken,
Plans that are scattered.

But hearts is not a playground my dear.

We, humans, are full of imagination,
that will lead to hopes,
which are made by promises.

But when we realise that it is just a fantasy,
Our wings broke,
and we fall hard.
Then the pain comes.

Dont play with feelings my darlings,
Dont give words that gives false hope.
Dont give promises you can't keep.

When you want that person,
Fight for them,
If you dont,
Let them go.

As for me, 
I've never fall in love, but it was a lot like it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Self centered people

I travel  by public transport a lot,
So I've been watching quite a different type of people.
But right now, I am annoyed enough to write about selfish people.

I realize that public transport, lrt especially,
have a limited sit for their passangers
which makes people fight for to sit.

But I dont understand those youngsters, teenagers, young adults,
who are able to shop the whole day,
run a marathon,
Jump up and down in a concert,
but still thinks they deserve the sit more that those elderly,
that cant even stand straight.

I mean, just now, there's a pretty young lady,
who just finished shopping, I think, bcs she carried a lot of plastic bags.
And reverse a sit just to put those plastic bags,
While a poor pregnant lady had to stand through out the way.

Oh, wait,
Do you even have one?!

She really got on my nerve,
I wanted to urgh, im not gonna tell,
i can go to jail for that, haha.

Maybe you dont understand what it's like to carry a baby in your belly,
while your back feel like it's bursting,
Trying to walk but the stick cant do much of a help anymore,
Neither do I,
But try to have some imagination okay?

what Im trying to say is,
while you're at the age where you can still do stuff on your own,
Please, stand on your won feet,
Dont be such a brat.
It's annoying, the world will hate you.

But seriously, life works in balance, what you give is what you get.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kerja kerja kerja

It's holiday, which means,
more work.

Read between the lines,
Im tired.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Words & Anger

The important trick is,
to never let your anger control the wheels.

Then, to sit, lay down or even sleep.
Speak your mind only after you have clam down. 

lastly, ask yourself,
where will it lead you to?
Is it worth it?

Hihihi, at least, this is my trick :D

Avoid this :D


"Dreams dont happen to you when you're asleep,
it happens when you're awake"

I love to write about dreams lately,
I happen to realize,
Dreams are the colours of life,
The more dreams you have,
the more fun your life seems to be :)

My very dream that im sure of
Now that Im in my second semester,
Things are getting better.
It becomes more organize, and life is not an hurricane anymore.
Im trying to cope better.
Alhamdulillah, my dreams are clearer now.

Im glad I didnt let go of it :)

But we're humans though,
we have a lot of dreams,
some call it planning, but it's the same thing, really.

Have dreams my readers,
be a dreamer!
But dont let your dreams be just dreams.
Follow them, 
they know the way.

What else can we do anyway? 


I met an old friend,
a few days ago.
She asked me,
"what makes you want to were hijab?"

It makes me wonder,
what made me move?

Then, I remember a question from a non-muslim friend that ask me a few years a ago,
"Nadira, sorry aa, I just want to know, why so many muslim girls dont want to wear tudung? I mean, when you guys dont even want to listen to your god, your religion, how are we going to listen to you?''
If you're offended, im sorry, but this girl over here got a point.

Well it is almost 2 years now since I chose to cover up,
I must say and I wont lie,
That there are times when Im choosing my clothes,
I have these thoughts,
"La, it would be better if I wear it like these"
"I dont know how to match this colors"
"Ish, it wont be this hard if i dont wear hijab"

But these thoughts, are just, thoughts.
We're just humans, and there's satan.
If you could block them, ignore them, hold your iman,
InsyaAllah, you'll be able to walk out of your house,
in peace,
knowing you're one step closer to Allah swt.

And sayangs,
hijab wont change you.
You're still the same person.
With the same mind and dreams.
It is just a change in the way you dress up.

In fact, after awhile,
it doesnt really bring that much of a different.
Plus, you'll feel safe and secure.

What really matters is your attitude.
You way to bring yourself to the world.
Once you've covered up,
Everything else comes together, InsyaAllah
As long as you're doing it for Allah swt.

What Im trying to say is,
Hijab dont determines who you are,
but it helps determines whether you'll be able to go to heaven or not.
Give it a try,
It is not a burden,
I promise.

Back to Mozac.

Assalamualaikum readers!
Well, I had a little conflict yesterday,
my high school held their annual cross country yesterday,
or better known as merentas desa,

I wanted to go back,
reminisce some old memories, 
with some old people.
my family had another plan.
They wanted to go visit my baby sister at mozac, melaka.

They were having same carnival,
where every class sent a representatives,
to sell food for parents that came, 
there were also some performance during the night.

I guess, it was a right choice to go there,
it is a new fresh air,
To see how kids form sekolah asrama spend their high school lives,
Im from a normal, daily school you see.

All in all, congrats mozacians,
you should be proud.

Meet Hana !!

Well, Salam & hello everyone!
I wouldlike to share this happy news with everyone,
I get a new cousin recently,
People say hello to *drum rolls* HANA!
She is just 1 month old, 
she turned 1 month yesterday.

But she is shorter than 1/2 of my leg!

Well this is still acceptable,
but she is also shorter than my father's arm :O

Which is why she is such a sweetheart. She's a darling, a magic.

Well, I personally call her lazy bum, cause she's constantly sleeping! 
But whenever she sleep in my arms,
fush, its magical. 
As if the world is a happy place, 
and nobody will harm anyone.
Okay, dramatic, I know.

But once she's awake, 
she likes to make funny faces,
Well according to the facts,
Baby her age cant see anything yet,
So I assume, she didnt realize that she's actually awake.
Hahaha :D

My little sleeping beauty :D

I wish I could bring  her home, 
cause Im missing her already,
Urgh, she is so,
soft, and fragile, 
and ridiculusly cute :I

Anyways, welcome to the family hana!
Just dont grow that fast okayyy? :D