Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Twitter Girl

I dont hate you,
and I wont celebrate your pain.

But i wont bring myself down to your level,
And i know,
Entertaining you wont make me a better person.

You can hold onto the grudge all you life,
You can hate and curse me every time your down,
You can blame me for your lost,

But we know what happen,
We both know what we talked about,
Im guilty yes, but you're not innocent no.

So im saying,
You can say what you want,
You can try taking away my friends,
But hatred wont bring you far,
And you'll make me see who my friends are.

I have nothing to lost,
but I promise you,
By keeping this act,
We'll have nothing to gain.

Change me

I like who i am,
Right now.

Dont get me wrong,
not the part where,
i cant be relax around my friends,
not the part where,
everything and everybody is awkward around me.

But the part where,
i dont hate any one,
there's no anger in me,
i dont have any grudges.

I want to be the person i was before i know anuar,
but im a human,
and i need time to coop,

and i think im ready.
In Sha Allah.
I'll be the friend i use to be.