Friday, February 14, 2014

I love you

I dont say that very often,
I dont give myself away that much.

But I chose you.
As miraculous as it could be,
You chose me too,
sorry I havent thank you.

I dont know how it happened,
but since it started,
It doesnt stop

But we fight a lot though,
All the time,
Funny how you could be so right and wrong.
Again, what are you boy?

And for the feelings that I have towards you,
Theres a lot that I have to keep to myself,
I express it by saying "I love you" and "I love you too",
But our story means more to me, than any book could feel its shelves.

Someday, I dream of myself as your wife,
To be waken up by your snores,
To take care of your existence,
simply by filling our dining with chickens,

But at any other day,
I am just happy with moment,
How young and silly we are,
To fight over something so small,
So small that on the next day,
I cant even recall.

And for me,
to beat for your attention, against "The Futsal",
I can easily stabbed your futsal ball, and finish it life,
I can understand now why you havent introduce me to it,
Oh, haha, how I see futsal as your first wife.

I dont know why Im writing this,
I dont even know if you'll be reading it,
But, cause I dont know how far we'll make it  in this journey,
In this moment, you make me happy.

We'll live on, and grow old,
but you'll be my young love :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shallow those pills.

Life begin at the end of your comfort zone,
How do you define a comfort zone?
When it is not comfortable living anymore?

Then, why do we blame those who takes away their lives?


I wont write if there's no spark.        
But lately, everyone, everything else
Around me are putting me under a patience trial.

You see, 
I am at the age where I'm looking at world changing its skin.
Im meeting new people, friends i have to believe in,

It is the age where I'm actually designing a life,
But I am fooled, abandon, and jeopardize by the people I trust.
And I promise you, both life and trust is not some comfortable thing right now.

But I dare to promise myself one thing.
Whatever Im planning for myself, 
The Lord has it all written before I could even think of it.

Before I had to cry myself for those crushed effort and dream,
Allah have all of it sort out even before I started it,

So I dare to conclude one thing, 
No matter how it will end it,
Nobody is born just to feel the pain.

So quit trying to swallow the pills,
Your life just started

I'm at the age