Thursday, May 15, 2014


I talked with a dear friend the other day.
She just got back from umrah,
And we had a long talk about her experiences there

Over there, 
Everybody is trying their best to do good deeds,
Their mind focuses on Him, and the afterlife.
Everything you see will only bring you closer to him.

And I randomly ask her,
"Among all the things Islam thought you,
Whats your favorite?"
"I like the part where, 
Islam promise that by giving some amount of your sustenance,
He will increase what is yours,
And I have only heard it from Islam, and its true"

I have heard a lot story, seen them, 
experience it myself,
It is so true.
By keeping the money only to yourselves,
The money will finish before you know it.
But if you help others with it,
The money will get back to you, 
When you really need it.

It really hit me that.
I rarely give my money away,
Always be scared that its not enough for me to spend,
But I know, I have more that I need,
Comparing to those that really need it.

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