Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Strange Crowd

Everyone can tell,
That we started well,
Adoring one another,
Everyday was filled with laughter,

Then came a little twist,
Our stories hit the crisis,
Then we start seeing.
People started judging,
Friends started blaming,

Wherever our heads turns,
Whatever our ear listens,
People are trying to save themselves,
Putting the blame on people's shelves,

But if everyone is right,
How come we are drifting apart?
Why cant we end this fight?
Because its hatred we choose to ignite..

But I believe the truth is,
There is still love,
Look down beneath,
Why put ego so high above?

We are our crowd,
We are the people we will remember,
So be a story that makes us proud,
For this moment will last forever.

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