Friday, June 2, 2017

Why are you so happy?

Im a happy person,
There's a child in me that never dies

Take a break.

I was actually doing my design presentation board,
but today is quite a special day for me,
so I thought, lets take a break.

You see, Im at my early twenties.
It is the age where my parents met each other,
Where I start getting wedding invitations from my friends.
It is the age where love life starts to bloom.

I cant help but notice,
people I thought would never date, do,
and people I thought would never change, did.

But hey, its not always a bad thing,
I acknowledge that love is a huge part of living,
And, when you thing you found a person that is truly yours,
Someone who is made for you,
You might want to hold on to them for good.

But, what if, one day, you realise you're wrong,
your person is not actually yours.
love becomes a burden

Cause, here i am, wondering,
How can the person that is a copy of me,
Suddenly become so different.
Some one who is literally so close,
Someone who i do everything together w,
Is actually a stranger

It scares me so much, because if this is the idea of love,
Two strangers acting like a team for the eye of world,
Then I will skip that part.

I dont want to be in love just because its the right thing to do,
because at the moment it feels so wrong.